Of beautiful dresses and dapper suits

Anyone who knows me, or has seen me, will know that I take clothes very seriously. I enjoy dressing up, I enjoy nice clothes, and I take style very seriously. I put in a lot of effort and thought into what I wear.

I remember being 15 and my friend asked me about weddings. I told her, “I want to wear a nice dress and have good food.” Ten years later, I still feel the same. A good quality bridal with amazing makeup work, beautiful timeless dresses, and chic and sophisticated styling is something I feel worth splurging on. Because on the flipside, I have seen many weddings recently that I just cringe and die a little on the inside, and think, kenapa lah korang rasa baju tu okay??

But then again, different people different tastes la right.

For me, if you offered to sponsor my entire wedding (complete with all the frills and fancies) but force me to wear collections from that one bridal company……. it’s a difficult decision, but I think I will reject your offer. Again, I’d rather wear splurge on a nicer bridal and get married budget-style in a masjid with only a nikah and a humble buffet offering than… that.

At this moment, I am just surveying and asking from all the bridal companies that I know of. Honestly, I don’t know how people go about doing this. Do they only approach the companies they are serious about taking on? Do they ask around and compare prices and collections/services?

I guess the approach I am taking is what I used to do when I was a babu gohmen and had to do procurement (oh, the good ol’ days) and just asking from everyone I know of who offers the service. Of course, I won’t just ask anyone – they would of course have to already pass the basic minimum criteria of me liking what they offer. (Although, I feel tempted to ask for quotes from that one bridal company because, a part of me is dying to know why so many people take them. But I do admit that I think their customer relationship management is pretty good, but that’s it.)

I have since gotten a few quotes, and I am asking from both established and popular vendors as well as the up-and-coming ones that I feel have got potential.

But can I just rant about this one company please. When I got the vendor’s reply, I immediately ranted to one of my friends yang minah kahwin-kahwin who has since already kahwin. I remember going like:

L, they only have up to UK10!!! UK10, L??? Seriously? At least go up to UK12 la. S M L is B A S I C, okay!!

I know I am not the most fit and toned person around, and I know some people my height (168cm) can wear ‘S’, and I know if I worked hard enough I can lose enough weight to fit an ‘M’ size. But no. My bone structure will not have it. It will just not have it. My shoulders and my hips are the widest part of me and they are not meaty. Touch the widest part of me and you feel bones. I know. Because I technically can wear an ‘L’ size top but my shoulders ain’t got time for that.


For my bottoms, well… I know I have work to do there la hahaha but again, I can technically fit this one size but because of how wide my hip bones are, I have to go one size up. And don’t get me started on my muscular calves. I am no athlete but God almighty decided to bestow upon me the wonderful gift of muscular calves that provide me with default horsepower when it comes to running after my buses, alhamdulillah.

And then my friend said some things that I shall not share here hahaha. But she feels my pain. Anyway, she’s quite right, their clothes are tight-fitting. Which got me thinking, all this while I thought their brides were a bit on the chubby or not so slim side because when they sit down, you can see the dress gathers around the waist/hip area. But then kalau size UK10, siak uh hahaha korang mid-size pun boleh ketat mendat seh hahaha. But takpe la, give credit where it’s due – baju korang lawa gila and makeup lawa manis gila seh. I sebagai pompan straight pun boleh cair stare lama-lama. Tetapi, apakan daya, tiada jodoh kita.

Anyways – end of rant –

I have seen the quotation for a company I like because their quotes for each specific item is clearly spelled out. However, while their collections are worn by hijabis, they’re not exactly expansive. I showed my bf and he immediately zoomed into the dress and he was like, genuinely worried. Hahaha he said, “Even if my future wife the modern melawa-melawa type, I don’t think I want her to wear like this seh.” But I guess that’s just the look the company feels appeals the most to their target customers. I told him they do cater for hijabis but it’s not a lot. And we both agree the options offered by that company are flexible and reasonable enough and we can seriously consider them.

However, I am just -waiting- for this one company to open their slots for 2017 bookings. I feel they are more hijabi-friendly and I showed my mom the makeup style and she’s like “Ahhhh! Ni lawa! Boleh lah! Ambik yang ni!” Macam dah on gitu, ma. Orang belum open bookings lagi.

Also. Why vendors all want people to book for 2017 this year?? Alamak. Serious, aku tunang pun belum. This is all HDB November mega-sale launch punya pasal lah. Kicked our butts into thinking about -our future-.

Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alAllahi.


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