For all the times

For all the times we spent talking about being married to each other, having to deal with each other’s idiosyncrasies with respect to everyday life, I just realised we don’t talk much about the wedding, the wedding prep and what to do, or how to do it and what it would feel like.

I guess you’ll never really know until you go through it.

Or the two of us are just complete noobs with absolutely no idea or even any initiative to find out hahaha. I think the latter is more the cause, because I am pretty sure other girls who are minah kahwin-kahwin would go all out to find out and they seem to just know. And me with my penchant for reading anything and everything, I can’t believe I didn’t read up on this. Mungkin sebab benda ni macam technical sangat sampai aku dah tak kuasa terus turned off.

And he tells me that girls usually know these stuff. Okay la I’m not like a lot of girls hahahaha. I know some, but I don’t know much, even with minah kahwin kahwin friends around. (Okay I kid, I only had one and she dah kahwin so now she’s no longer minah kahwin kahwin, she’s a minah mak mak already.)

And I only know of two close friends’ tunang that I get to witness and breathe down on their rings in my moment of curiousity. The other people’s tunang I attended, semua macam too good to let me near them ahahaha. Or maybe aku je perasantan and diorang takde apa-apa pun.

I still can’t believe this is happening. Both of us like stunned sekejap. Did that really happen?

For all the times we discussed about what we think will happen when we come across a certain event in our lives together, I am pretty sure we never discussed this hahahahhahaha. Kelakar seram seh the both of us.

But alhamdulillah, it was a smooth process and we were both on the same wavelength and seriously, this is one thing I am so so thankful for. We have the same wavelength, the same taste, I trust his and he trusts mine. When I have doubts or worry too much, he will voice things out that validates my initial decision and vice versa (I hope haha!)

I know I will talk about this in more detail because I think there are a number of learning points for me to refer to in the future (and if it helps anyone else reading this, then good for them too). But insyaAllah, when everything is more concretised, in time to come insyaAllah.

Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alAllahi.

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