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Of unwanted surprises, difficult people and Gollum

This is not a good one.

Anywho, I found out that we won’t be applying for the November launch because both of us have not been continuously employed for 12 months, and therefore, we are not eligible for any grants, and therefore, we have decided to let this slide.

Sigh, I guess I really didn’t think things through when I quit my previous job without a job. Hm, but even then, we won’t be eligible until next March.

I guess there’s always a hikmah behind everything.

On another note, I realised that… you know all those stories of difficult people you’ve heard about when it comes to getting married… my family is probably at the top of the list.

*deep breaths* *proceed to choke on the haze*

I have been dealing with this continuously by creating distractions for myself. We got something over the weekend and my bf warned me to not go home and go all Gollum on it. Unfortunately, I have. Hahahahahhaa… And we don’t even have it with us yet omg!

Chill girl, chill.

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