Part I: The Hunt Is On

Firstly, can I just ask. Whoever made up the rule that solitaire rings are the go-to for engagements? Secondly, whoever made up the rule that an engagement ring, by virtue of it being a solitaire ring, has to cost 2 month’s salary, aka LAGI MAHAL DARI NAK BELA ANAK KUCING?

Actually second one I know is from De Beers marketing campaign la. Nama pun De Beers. Astaghfirullahalazim!

Okay merepekness aside. Alhamdulillah if you mampu. If not, set aside a budget, keep an open mind to looking at designs which are not solitaire rings and most importantly, consider your lifestyle and the practicalities of wearing that ring for at least a year to signify being choped.

I admit I termakan these engagement marketing spiels. I look at other’s rings and marketing ads and I want a band with a stone in the middle. Because it’s simple and minimal enough right. But you have to try on the ring before you decide. Which is what I found out.

Okay I shall go through chronologically what happened because I think I am super selenger kelakar seram when it comes to these things.

We first started looking at rings on 16 October. That was not even a formal decision. Although I did tell my mom I wanted to start looking at rings as there were sales going on. She said, “Kalau dah jumpa mana yang suka, beli je. Jangan tunggu-tunggu.” We happened to have finished dinner and decided to walk around the three jewelry stores in my neighbourhood’s shopping mall.

First, we approached the window displays. Then we looked out for the prices (some collections will have the prices displayed, some won’t). “Eh sialah punya lah mahal!” he said. “Eh wth, apasal buruk cam gini, mahal cam gitu?” I said. We are very ghetto and jakun when it comes to these things, al-maklum dua-dua orang susah. But in the spirit of getting a feel of the price and design range, we trudged into the shops and looked at the counter displays. Maybe because we were casually dressed so we look like broke students, or it was a very busy Saturday evening, so no one approached us. Which was a win-win la, boleh aku curi-curi tengok price and designs in peace.

Although I was the one who suggested in the first place, my perut kecut when I think about walking into the shops, but thankfully, he was there and always answered, “Masuk je lah” every time I asked “Nak masuk ke… tak nak eh?” Dah aku yang suggest, boleh lagi tanya. I have a problem la haha. I always want to do something but at the tipping point, I decide to flee. Hahaha insyaAllah tak jadi runaway bride (ish selisih 44), because I’ve got him, always providing me the strength to go through with something alhamdulillah.

So from there, we both decided that okay, a $500-$700 range is reasonable.

Honestly, aku tak sampai hati nak dia spend more than $1.5K on a ring for me (which is the starting price for most solitaire rings). When I heard his friend had to buy a ring in that price range TWICE because the girl didn’t like the first one, aku macam… Tapi takpe, lain orang lain cara. Just to note, actually $700 is not low okay, as our eventual sales assistant told us. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

So after that impromptu visit, I didn’t think much for a week because maybe too overwhelming an experience. Niat di hati memang nak research lagi but work got the better of me.

Then I met him for dinner on Friday, again, with no intention of scouting for rings. Tiba-tiba mulut ni cakap I wanted to check out this jewelry store at JEM I see every time I walked out of Sephora. Again, our tactic is to approach the window display to get a feel of the designs and prices first.

Then, “Hah baguslah, harga dia semua in yen,” he said. HAHAHAH Should’ve known from the strange name it was a Japanese jewelry store – Venus Tears. Macam brutal right, making wedding rings out of somebody’s tears.

Like when my friend asked me what the red kuah in mee kuah is made from, and I answered, “It’s made…. from the blood… of my enemies…. Muahahahhaha.”

Since we were still intrigued about the store, we walked in to look at the counter displays. My boyfriend is pandai tau, first thing he saw was the catalogue, grabbed it and passed to me, saying we should keep it for reference (design and prices). I didn’t even think of that!! Subsequent visits to other shops we aimed for the catalogue first haha!

We were the only ones in the store, we looked around and we tawaf dalam kedai tu and ended up right in front of the sales assistant, who is Japanese! She asked me if I liked yellow gold, I said I like rose gold better and she went “Ohhh!!! ROSE GOLD!! *Nodding* Ahh!” Lepas tu dia keluarkan cincin yang maha kecik suruh aku pakai. Siak uh hahahhaa.

We previously had conversations about how muscular my fingers are, and how dainty his fingers are. Memang uh. But I didn’t know trying on rings would be this daunting haha. I think I generally have bad experiences with shoe shopping because I can’t find my size, anything like this that happens, I immediately become agitated and turned off.

We left the store and thought, okay lah. From whatever prices we saw that are in SGD and not yen, the shop looks like a possibility. And we both like anything Japanese so we are already biased. That catalogue was really helpful though. If I was previously turned off reading about the 4Cs, all these was spelled out in such a basic manner that I immediately understood whaddaheck those 4Cs are about. And my bias for them increased haha!

That same night at home, while hanging out in my brothers’ room, my older brother came home and suddenly I just asked him where he bought his rings from and for how much. My brother’s getting married end of this year so must make use of these people. He told me he bought the cincin tunang for my SIL from Everest Gold in Geylang, and the wedding bands from Meyson in Bugis, and also told me his price range.

I know Geylang is the place for jewelry, but Geylang on a Saturday is super kecoh please, tak sanggup aku. So I researched on Meyson. They have an outlet in Bugis Junction, which was near our original location for our Saturday ‘date’, and we thought we’d drop by.

The store was the first thing we saw when we entered Bugis Junction. Normal M.O – approach window display, scope out designs and prices, enter shop, grab the catalogue, and make a tawaf around the counter displays. Then we realised the rings we want to look at are near the entrance, where there was a group of three Indons.

*cue drama*

I was standing politely next to one of the three Indons, this guy wearing a cap and red sling bag. I was standing next to him, but right in front of the rings I was trying to look at. Slowly, I felt like I was getting moved further and further to the corner of the counter. First, It felt like a tiny little shove. Then, I really got shoved HAHAHAHHA. I didn’t just move to the edge, I got shoved back.

At this point, aku tak marah, I was half amused, half in disbelief. “Eh, dia tolak I yang?!” “Yes! You tengok lah, dia tengah adjust-adjust bag, bukak-bukak kepak dia, abe dia tengok-tengok over his shoulder.” (Ok my bf didn’t say all that, he acted out part of it, but you get my point.)

Hahahhahahaha basket. The both of us stood behind him for a while, and he was trying to chat up the sales assistant. -.-

Realising they might take hours, we left. At which point I remembered Meyson has an office building of its own but no idea where it was. He was saying that we can go to the office building next weekend but he was eager to get this over and done with. He told me to google for the address and we discovered that it was just one MRT stop away in Lavender.

Okay I realise this is getting too long. I shall break this here and continue with our adventure to the Meyson office building in the next post.

Hold on to your horses, boys and girls.


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