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Part II: Guess We Found It

We left off after that shoving drama in the Meyson Bugis outlet, where we stood outside to figure out when and how to get to Meyson’s office building at Horne Road.

Btw it’s Horne Road guys, as in H + o + r + n + e, not Home, like what I read.

Bf’s eyes lit up when he saw it was at Lavender, and starts reminiscing about the times when he went to Lavender during NS, the super-healthy food we can find at Beach Road, I have never seen him SO EXCITED about food in such a long time because he literally went “Yay! Boleh makan kat Beach Road, yes!” It was about 5pm and we thought yeah why not, let’s do this!

The walk from Lavender MRT to Horne Road was surreal. I don’t even remember where we walked, I just followed my bf and he literally steered me in the right direction (one of the few times his sense of direction is working hehe). And…we saw the building!!!

At this point, if you think entering a typical jewelry store is already intimidating, imagine standing outside a hugeass one and deciding to walk into it. If I can already have a ‘flee’ moment outside normal jewellery stores, I felt like I was literally thinking of sprinting off and telling my bf “OK we know where it is, let’s go next week!!”

We actually stood outside for a while and tried to look into the store through the hugeass glass doors, and my bf kind of started to freak out because he thought there was no one inside, but then he saw people and I just followed him in.

Of course when we mentioned we were looking for engagement rings, the sales assistants immediately steered us to the solitaire rings. Actually, when we first asked, this one SA who did not seem that interested in layaning us just pointed us to some counter and we were like oh okay! Then we both went “Ini apa…?” Luckily for us, this one lady immediately stepped in and attended to us from the get-go. Really, thank goodness for her – Yin. She was very approachable, was absolutely non-judgmental and treated us like friends. I think if it weren’t for her, we would probably have continued looking. Lagi-lagi the both of us are the kind of people other people/strangers tend to look down on or treat badly at first glance (apa nak buat, nasib badan).

As I said, the first few designs we were shown were of course solitaire rings. We already discussed we are not going to drop that much money for the ring, so lawa macam mana pun, however many hearts and arrows you can see through the microscope pun, mati hidup balik pun, I still won’t want a solitaire ring (like how I won’t ever, EVER stay in punggol, but that’s another story). I remember at this point, I was forcing a smile and literally speaking under my breath while smiling to my bf about how I don’t really want to see those rings hahaha. My bf is so nice, he will just layan and he muttered under his breath and suggested we look at it for fun.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I liked the idea of a simple band with a stone in the middle. That was until I realised how high the stone sits on the band. Yin the sales assistant had me try on some rings and I was just like err no and wanted to take it off and she’s like, no, no, keep it on! Hahahaha youthinkIdunnowhatyouretryingtodo Anyways, she was awesome enough to help me find a ring my size so I could actually look at how it looks like when I am wearing it. So again, this really helped because other stores couldn’t be bothered with trying to help me, the potential customer visualise how their product will look like on me. So while I kept it on, I realised even more why I do not want a solitaire ring, because the setting was just too. damn. high.


There is no way in hell my engagement ring is going to survive ME because, heck, I can’t even survive me. I knock into things no one knocks into. I kick things, I hit my elbow against doors and walls as I am walking straight, I keep getting paper cuts, I break my nails. Heck, I even (accidentally) kicked chairs when walking to the stalls at Bagus Causeway Point on our second date, much to my bf’s shock. What makes me think Imma keep my engagement ring all pristine and protected, when it is set SO. DAMN. HIGH.

So after the spiel on solitaire rings and hearts and arrows, bf drops the bomb and tells Yin our budget is actually, in his words, “on the low side” and Yin the sales assistant very seriously said, in her words, “$700 is not low.” Tell me, mana nak dapat sales assistant ikhlas macam gini. I can totes understand – you are pushing for one product to your potential customer and if you close the deal you get XX amount sales commission but your customer drops the bomb and says they want something else, I can totes understand if someone decides to go “Oh. Eh.” She made us feel so at ease, it was a really pleasant experience altogether.

Between here and finding that perfect design for me was a bit of a blur but when we found the design I liked… 🙂 Still, I couldn’t decide between the silver 18K gold or the rose gold 18K gold (metal/material/ mak kau hijau aku tak tahu lah) of the same design. And the price was below $700 but it was still maybe more than what I sampai hati haha. But my bf was like, it’s nice, you like the design, I know you do, let’s just get it so we don’t need to think anymore.

Still I couldn’t decide and somehow I asked if I could bring the ring nearer to sunlight to see the difference between the two. My idea was to stand near the glass door and see how it looks on my hands right. Apparently, Yin, my boyfriend and the pakcik security all had the same idea that was obviously different than mine HAHAHA, which was to actually go out of the store and stand under the sunlight to see how they look like on me. Pakcik security sekali okay guys.

With much trepidation, I carefully carried both rings to the door and stood at it just to look at my hands, but my bf happily opened the door to go outside. I squealed a bit and went “Ehh yang!! Mana boleh keluar!!!” Pakcik security dengan segala hormatnya bukakkan pintu for me and went “Eh!! Takpe takpe, boleh keluar! Silakan!”

Mak kau… Luckily I am not impulsive (anymore) and give in to any crazy streak, if not … grand theft auto, jewellery store style!!

So this little party of 4 (yes pakcik security also ikut look at us me deciding) stood outside and looked at how the rings look like on my hand. Both were really nice but I was already partial to rose gold, and the silver gold made the ring look too bling bling. I mean, okay, bling is to be expected la because it had a row of diamonds but I don’t plan on being robbed on the way back home from work (touch wood). Yin was saying how the rose gold against the diamonds made the design of the ring stand out more as opposed to just how bling bling the whole silver gold ring is, which I agree.

When I decided on the rose gold, we walked back in and for some reason I decided to make full use of all the mirrors everywhere in the showroom and modeled abit while looking in the mirrors on the way back to the seats. And almost all the sales assistant were looking at me and laughing. Kan, memang macam budak-budak betul. Hahaha, there were younger Malay couples around who were also looking at the solitaire rings but diorang look so mature and serious, and here I am going “I don’t want ring setting too high, I’m too clumsy,” “can I look under sunlight, I cannot decide,” “Oh, I haven’t looked in mirror, how do I look like to people who are looking at me” etc etc.

We then put down a deposit for it, because apparently my ring size is rare and that ring happened to be the only one in that design in my size (fated?) and we agreed to come back a few weeks later to collect it.

On the way out we were both stunned. Did we really do that? Did we? Oh my god we so did. To the point that nak cross the road also, road is empty and we were still just staring into space hahaha. Then my bf warned me, not to go all Gollum on it.


You see, I took some pictures of the ring on my hand and on the display so that I can show my mom, and my bf can show his mom. And my bf, who somehow just knows what I will end up doing, already warned me not to go all Gollum on it. WHICH WAS EXACTLY WHAT I ENDED UP DOING HAHAHAH. AND I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE BLOODY RING WITH ME YET!

I wasn’t even conscious of it omg serious, until something cropped up on the day we were supposed to collect the ring and we had to cancel that outing and I got so upset and my bf sternly told me “I warned you already right, don’t become Gollum.” Yelah, yelah. I immediately snapped out of it hahahhaa.

I have since reigned in my Gollum-days. I’m more like Bilbo Baggins right now because we just collected the ring a few days ago and I have kept it safe somewhere in my house, knowing it’s there but pretending I don’t know it’s there. And sometimes, before I go to sleep, I will take it out and look at it in the light of the night. No I’m just kidding. Actually… okay nevermind. Truth be told, that’s what my bf told Yin are my plans for the ring when I get it so… no one’s that far away from the truth.

Anyway, we decided I will hold on to it first since his mom has a penchant for accidentally throwing things away or keeping things so safe you will never find it again hahaha. After we got it, we were thinking up morbid scenarios of how things could go wrong if he held on to the ring first hahaha. Me on the other hand, I knew if I showed my mom anything I bought, she would immediately ask to look at it and then try it on. Mothers smh.

Now that we have my ring, we are looking for his ring. Then prepare for the meminang (which is another headache and I don’t know if I wanna get into that, maybe I will, for the sake of general knowledge) and insyaAllah set the date for tunang and the wedding.

Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alAllahi.


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