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Rumah Makan Minang, and my Ngiau-ness

There’s 15 more minutes before The Walking Dead, my faverettt tv show everrrr. Why would anyone watch Arrow or Flash or Once Upon A Time or whatever else when there’s something like TWD on air I can never understand. Unless you watch TWD along with all those things, then okay fine. But if not, serious, I’m judging you.

Anyways this is a quick post I hope I don’t ramble on too much.

So I nipped over to the Malay Heritage Centre this morning for work, and then had lunch at Rumah Makan Minang with two men in their 40s (my colleague and his cousin haha) it was makan berhidang and they didn’t choose dishes that I would typically choose (like rendang or ayam gulai) but omg they were still so good. The petai in the ikan sepat berlado was omg soooo good! Petai okay guys, petai. Then the telur dadar kukus or something is like, whattttt I want somemore omg why was it so good. Bloody hell. And the brinjal. Relationship status = brinjal berlado.

Tbh I was thinking, dammit I want to cater from Rumah minang for my engagement sehhh I want I want!! But hmm I dunno if it will be out of my budget, as opposed to catering from my makcik. Haish. I am still dreaming of the telur dadar okay. And the petai. Serious the petai had no stank stench or smell or weird taste, it was delicioussss. Decisions, decisions…

Now on to my ngiau-ness. I have this thing where I do not want to be associated with anything that is also utilised by someone I don’t like hahahhaa. I am very well aware of my ngiau-ness when it comes to such things, but I just cannot. I cannot la guys cannot. For example eh, I was very into this one song, and then I found out my bf’s ex-gf used it in her Instagram bio and immediately I was like NOPE.

Anyway, the main point of my ngiau story is actually because I am deciding to book the services of an MUA for my tunang next year. Initially I decided that I wanted to do my own, but seeing whatever that has been simmering under the surface so far, I don’t know if I can handle it. I know if I am rushed or pressured I will be so kelam kabut and clammy and nervous then I’ll get so moody that I think I will just scowl throughout the event. So my bf told me to consider getting an MUA so I will be more relaxed (because he knows how wound up I can get hahaha).

So, I am almost confirmed with one MUA, but then another MUA has just offered for $100 flash sale amagaddd. But okay, I can’t decide between either because I am almost confirmed with one, so I don’t know if it will be a bastard move to ditch her and go for this flash sale (actually, it is quite bastard la, but from the capitalism point of view, it makes sense to ditch kan). But the thing is, I don’t feel like as if the one having the flash sale is any much better than the one I am almost confirmed with.

In fact, there is an addition to my ngiau-ness haha – this MUA made up for this one girl I don’t really like. And and, this MUA that I am almost confirmed with, made up for two girls I also don’t really like ahahahhaha. SIau la, go away please. I hate myself now hahaha because this is how I narrow down my choices ahahaha. What I should do is really to ask myself why I don’t like these girls but that’s an exercise for another day because some wounds just cut too deep man, too deep. Oh wells.

Sorry for the incoherence. I don’t think anyone is reading right hahahha. Okay, TWD has started for 15 minutes, I better focus now. Ciao.


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