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Our Plan vs. His Plan

So I put in a deposit for an MUA, the “decor” and “bunga rampai” items I am planning to DIY are here from my aliexpress Singles’ Day haul (so fast seh the shipping, wasn’t expecting it to come for at least another week), and I just ordered something off Groupon for my bf during lunch today.

And yet, I am not entirely sure the “tunang” ceremony is actually going to happen. Ha. Ha. Ha.

There’s some conflict on his side (which might affect the dulangs from him for me because he’s banking on his aunt to help him out), and then there’s some conflict brewing under the surface on my side (which is just waiting for someone to cari pasal and throw a tantrum and cancel everything ha ha ha).


I am a DIY kind of person. Really, I have lots of ideas and I am very rajin when I need to be. But it’s just these types of uncertainties that just makes me… heavy… to want to enthusiastically launch into working on DIY projects when I am not even sure that it will happen!

Like, is it all worth it?

Okay but then again I am always very pessimistic. I am even thinking like, OK, it’s OK if tak jadi, I have only put down a deposit for the MUA, kalau tak jadi pun kirakan sedekah je lah ye. Lucky I am not engaging some caterer lah or mini dais lah or henna artist lah or yang extra-extra. Perlu is baju/dandanan, food and dulang lah that’s all right.

Yes the planned date is more than 2 months away (well, barely) but December is practically burnt cos of my friend’s wedding and my brother’s wedding. And January is going to be busy work-wise.

Haiyah, and I still need to get his ring hahaha. Actually that one tak perlu, but then he say he does want it to make me feel secure… Yelah tu. It’s just that because of his youthful looks, he has got minah-minah sekolah who look at him up down hahahah takle angkat aku macam nak tonyoh je muka budak-budak ni masih sekolah dah gatal. Aku dulu sekolah sampai universiti, takde pun sibuk nak tayang body satu kampung stare-stare laki-laki hish.

Okay digress, any girl under 20, if you’re reading this, please eh. You are very young still. There is no boy who is worth you not studying, okay. I was on the bus behind this couple one day; the girl was from RP and the guy… doesn’t look nor sound like he’s school-going, because the girl was trying to study her notes while on the bus on the way to their “date” destination but the guy was going “Alahh… tak payah belajar lah. Belajar pun fail nanti. Tak guna.” (Translate: Aiyah, no need to study lah. Study also fail. No use.)

My goodness, I wanted to smack the guy on the head and tell the girl to run in the other way because these kind of guys will NOT do you any good.

But like I said, we can plan, we can avoid, we can pre-empt but it is eventually all up to Him.

With my plans, however much I plan, calculate, strategise – I know, apa nak jadi nanti, akan terjadi jugak.

Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alAllahi je lah.


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