I don’t exactly know how to start this post. The past two days went in a totally different direction from what we had planned. It really was like, omg I don’t know how/ what to do/ what is this happening/ why did it happen etc. So I’m just gonna say it.

My boyfriend’s house got broken into. All of his belongings (bag, phone. wallet, watch, laptop, laptop charger, money, ID cards, ATM etc) were all taken. While he was sleeping. In the living room, right in front of the door. The burglar took his phone from right beside his face.

When I got the news, I was in the midst of rushing to finish off as much work as possible. I was on PM leave because we had planned to go hunt for his engagement ring and one more item for my dulang. When I got the news, I was reaching for my phone to take a photo of a document I was working on but needed to pass back to my colleague for him to take to a meeting. I usually put my phone on my desk the moment I stepped into the office, but I was just rushing through work that I forgot to do so that morning. So when I fished my phone out of my bag, and saw my boyfriend’s home number on the screen, with two missed calls from him, and I heard him telling me… I was like… O.O

Luckily things moved fast; he got the police into the house, they set up CCTV, he cancelled all his cards and his phone line, he made a police report before I came over to his place. After lunch at his place, I followed him to get a new atm card, a sim card, an ezlink card, and his friend dropped by at night as I was heading home to lend him a phone he wasn’t using.

For anyone who ever find themselves not in possessions of their things anymore:

  1. Immediately call your bank, your phone service provider, the ezlink office to cancel all your cards or temporarily disable the cards.
  2. Make a police report for your lost items, especially for your IC.
  3. If you still have the box that your phone comes in, take note of the IMEI number and pass it to the police when you make your report. This IMEI number will be used to track the whereabouts of your phone.
  4. For POSB Bank, if you have had the card for more a year, they will replace the card for you at no charge
  5. For Singtel, once you have called the line to temporarily disable your number, you can go to an outlet later to get a new SIM card. You can still use your old number. Your old SIM card will not respond to calls made to your number.
  6. You can easily get an ezlink card from 7-Eleven for $10 ($5 for cost of the card, $5 for stored value) in case any of the Transitlink offices are closed by the time you get round to getting an ezlink card.
  7. If you lost money or non-trackable items (e.g. wallet, watch etc),  just redha and let go.

I don’t know what to tell you about what I am feeling. I am just… beyond sad because the bag that was stolen, my boyfriend just got them about 2 weeks ago. He was saving up/biding time to get it at a good price. I followed him in and out of at least 5 bag shops over the course of at least 3 months before he decided to buy something. The watch that was stolen, he bought it also after doing the same, going in and out of shops at least 3 times over the course of at least half a year because he was still a student then and he was waiting to get his student bursary so that he could treat himself to something nice. He had just gotten a day off the day before after working his ass off with little to no breaks due to the nature of his job, and he was just going to have a bit of rest.

And instead, this was what he had to go through.

And I’m just… I don’t know man. I know I should be grateful that nothing happened to him, as he was just laying there while the burglar was walking around him. But just knowing how long it took for him to slowly get some material possessions and being the orang susah we are, how we carefully jaga everything cermat-cermat and baik-baik, how we guard our possessions, and then to have the house we call a safe sanctuary, broken into.

My mom said, maybe Allah swt wants to give something a lot better.

But it’s true, I am grateful nothing happened to him. I am thankful he has friends who are helpful and willing to drop everything to meet him. When I had to head home, I was so thankful one of his friends was going to meet him and also lent him a phone. I think I just couldn’t bear to leave him alone that day. So thankful his friend and bunch of others came over, and even accompanied him to ICA the next day to make a replacement IC even though the officer there was such a bitch to him. The guy actually said to him “I leave my door unlocked at night also nothing happened to me.” I just…

Sigh. When you want to get married, when you pasang niat; I always hear one of two things.

Either God makes everything so easy for you, everything just falls into place, or God puts you through so much challenges and tests you to the point of breaking but eventually saves you with His grace.

I don’t know if both of us are up to it if we are fated for the second.


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