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Busy, busy December

Last week was my friend’s wedding and the coming week will be my brother’s wedding ohmaigotsss. Penat or what this December. Man I am so freaking tired, work is crazy, weekends are crazy, I haven’t gotten a proper break over the weekend since this month started. I can’t wait for the Christmas and New Year’s break over the next two weeks.

So I think we decide quite fast, but only because I saw my preferred bridal have an open house today, and knowing how popular they are, I was like ohmaigotss we need to sit down and discuss and decide THE DATE because I want to book this bridal once and for all and I am not looking for anyone else after this can or not.


Hahaha. Anyway, if you are in the know, you would have seen ISHQ By Nora Zee opened their 2017 bookings today. I already knew that we should come early (since it’s also Sunday and we are both working tomorrow). Since doors opened at 4pm, we thought OK let’s be there by about 3.30pm. When we got off the cab at like 3.30 we actually said to each other “Eh we are so early seh.”

Hahaha early kau.

When we reached the office, there was already a very long queue forming. I saw a friend there too and talked to her for a bit, and my boyfriend also saw his friend and they talked for a bit. We were standing for some time before more people started queuing behind us. We were lucky number 13.

Number 13 ok. We waited from 3.40pm, and only got in to talk to the staff at 5pm. And we were done by 5.15pm. I think we were also probably the only couple who had booked them for a date as late as ours haha. Takpela, even though like so far away, it’s OK to get them now because it’s one headache or nervous breakdown gone. You know Dahlia actually had to announce that they were fully booked for 11 and 12 March, and this was even before the #12 queue number seh. Seram or what.

I know when I “embarked” on this, I was really bent on getting THE KAK NORA and I was all ready to like, Imma drop this extra charge of $500 for her right then and there (though they only asked for deposit of $500 to secure the date). But after making the booking, I was just thinking about the T&Cs, actually IF tak dapat Kak Nora it’s fine la as long as I get to secure ISHQ. Anyways, indicating that I am OK with the extra charge means that I am serious, and the fact that I am considering a masjid for the venue, they should be considerate enough to allocate a tudung MUA for me. Because I also don’t want people to mengata if the MUA tak pakai tudung, tak pasal-pasal jadi buah mulut orang. Anyway, I trust they would consider all these as they are very professional in the way the conduct themselves.

Kak Ilah was the one serving us, and yes, if you saw her IG account, she said she thinks she managed to scare some people who came to book. I think we were one of them. I knew she was wearing light blue lenses but kept getting shocked every time we made eye contact. I know Izzu doesn’t like dark lips so he said he was really trying to get over her lip colour hehehe. But I told him la, they all makeup artistes so they very creative experimental one, so must take it at that level la right. Kalau kita orang-orang biasa perangai gitu, itu namanya buang tebiat.

I was talking to my friend L about Kak Nora. She engaged her services last year and while she loved her service and had absolutely no complains, she did tell me that Kak Nora can be quite garang. I also read some reviews about how people don’t like her demeanour or whatever. But seriously, people. You say other people garang, you think you very nice all the time meh. HAHAHAHAHA. Like I can understand if she is not super friendly or overly nice. BECAUSE I AM ALSO LIKE THAT HAHAHAHA. Like, I know a number of people at my work place seem to not want to talk or look at me cos they think I am garang. Actually I just have RBF and a lot of things on my mind. I am sure Kak Nora is the same (well, dunno abt RBF but I am sure she has plenty on her mind.) I think Kak Nora also very kesian, people always say like that about her. When I was waiting for Kak Ilah to fill out the form, I was looking around and made eye contact with her and she like tengah busy then suddenly senyum so I sambut haha. But yeah, like I said. relek uh guys. You also don’t smile 24/7, not even when talking to your significant other or even your parents, so you can let others do the same also. As long as they are professional, they deliver what they promise, they don’t insult you or sindir you, OK uh.

I would just like to add, Malays can either be so weird or so… annoying (for lack of a better word). The couple in front of us, the guy, kept staring at me, and staring other girls up down as they walked past. The  conversations they had right before they went in were so… strange. OK I know other people’s business is none of my business, but we just observe and take our own iktibar la kan. It just made me feel very thankful I met my boyfriend, and he is my boyfriend, and I didn’t need to spend any of my time with anyone else who is not my boyfriend.

After we booked ISHQ, we walked out and met one of my boyfriend’s friend and that guy’s friend. My boyfriend was talking to his friend about the booking and he said “No one will take our date”. He was referring to his previous convo with said friend about how far later our date is (and it was right, because when we made the booking, no one else went further than July 2017 LOL). So when my bf said “No one will take our date”, he meant it in the context of us being #13 (quite early in the queue) and that our date is so far along so no one else has taken that slot yet. But then, after we walked away, not even 10 steps down the hallway, his friend’s friend actually repeated what my bf said in a mocking tone.

-.- Jantan perangai gini buat aku malas betul okay.

Takpe lah, they had to wait longer than we did (also because they came later but I think no one expected to have that much of a turnout, not even ISHQ. They so humble la hahah so pops already then still think people takkan serbu diorang hahaha.)

Okay, I am just very happy I secured them. Best if everything goes my way and I get Kak Nora, but if not, tawakkal je la.


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