everything happens for a reason


This should have been at the top of my previous post.

And then this should have been the response to the continued jibes about our reactions.


Takpe, I will let it go. For now.

Anywho, I am feeling like I am on a high, sampai cannot do work haha. The reason is because I finally secured a caterer for my engagement. Hahaha banyak songeh please. Supposed to have my makcik cook for us, but naik turun roller coaster sampai perang dunia ketiga, last last, I am ordering from Aspirasi Catering yehoo! (Thanks to bloghopping, tak dapat tidur during lunch pun takpe. Settle the kettle dah.)

I have ALWAYS loved their nasi ayam. I used to always buy from their stall at Seah Im Food Centre when I was working at Harbourfront (but then I also always bought from the Thaksin stall next door, or the Banquet food court at Harbourfront or the Banquet at Vivo). But the point is, makanan sedap! Damn, I can’t wait to eat it again soon. Mama better put some away for me during the majlis seh.

Just wanna say thanks to hamba Allah ni who blogged about her engagement. I was on the verge of a breakdown/meltdown/tears/nak nangis sambil lari bogel-bogel satu office on the lookout for catering that cost less than $10/pax (yes everyone’s cost is $10/pax, bankrupt aku) but theirs is $6/pax (minimum 100pax). They have nasi ayam set, nasi briyani set, nasi goreng set etc. Of course no frills and fancies la – no buffet setup, delivered in aluminum trays, but it’s good cos no GST, no delivery charge (for min 100pax). But it’s OK since mama has those buffet trays and warmers, we can just transfer if we want. If you want buffet setup and drinks, it will be $8/pax. Just google for their website, the price quotation is all nicely indicated in a pdf document clearly stated on the website. Dealing with them was also very easy mashallah; in 15 minutes dah siap invoice all. Nemmind, maybe after the majlis I will blog about the catering drama. Or not. Who cares.

Yang penting nasi ayam, ayam goreng, daging black pepper, tom yam soup and chap chye. Tu penting. Obviously, I am #teamfood #beforeanythingelse.

Haha I love how food gets me into such a good mood. You cannot believe how much of an emotional roller coaster I have been on since… forever.



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