Wanted to do a checklist of things to get done before the e-day after the d-day. (Ahaha geddit geddit.)


  • Catering: Aspirasi Food Galore (done) – $6/pax – cash on delivery
  • Tables and Chairs: Wedding D’Kayangan (done) – $150 – cash on delivery
  • Void deck: Rental without electricity and water (done) – $150 (bef GST) – deposit of $100 will be returned by cheque
  • Breakfast and (food) berkat: Mama and aunt will cook – me to transfer them $$
  • Berkat (favours): Leftovers from abang’s wedding (from our side and my SIL’s side)
  • In-house “decor”: Will be using my parents’ bedroom (cos bilik aku kecik untuk orang2 yang besar gedabak), my parents will need to clear out some stuff anyway for our house upgrading exercise, I have some things from the Aliexpress Single’s Day haul I did a while back to “decorate” the room.


  • Outfit: my mom is sewing for me (WIP), tudung is just a tudung I bought from TudungPeople a long time ago but haven’t worn yet (how many times can you say tudung)
  • MUA: HY Bridal (deposit paid) – balance to be paid 1 week before event
  • Dulangs: Free from Zudyra Creations, will decorate with stuff I have around (WIP)
  • Dulang items for him: All purchased.
  • Invite friends and family to event (WIP).
  • Decide if we are doing bunga rampai or not (TBC).


  • Outfit: Bought in JB (cos I paksa him, if not he will come in Arsenal jersey, confirm)
  • Dulangs: Free from Zudyra Creations, need to figure out the “base” and to decorate; need to bring over to his brother’s place. (WIP)
  • Dulang items for me: All purchased. I am holding on to them, need to bring over to his brother’s place. (WIP)
  • Ensure spiteful guy does not ruin the event. (WIP)

Last bullet point tu penting. Sebab Louis C.K cakap:


Tengok, orang kafir lagi berhemah dan beradab dari kita yang beragama Islam.

I dunno; is that it? Can’t think of anything else right now?

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