venue rant

Hais kenapa lahhh rumah aku tak ada multipurpose hall. yang korang gi buat some open air bbq/maze/exercise/burung area that no one except for the stupid burung guys use to loiter at for what sehhh. freaking waste of space sia. that place if you turn into a stupid multipurpose hall kan ada balik modal jugak. Pandai sangat seh the town council. If they had made it into an MPH da bagus seh, boleh aku use for combined wedding. The place is freaking huge enough seh seriously. Aku macam nak debik je seseorang tapi apakan daya tak boleh.

Does anyone know of an affordable place to have a combined wedding? I want everything to be over and done with in 1 day, in 1 place, on neutral grounds. Masjid la paling best eh. Gahh could I just. ARGH. But masjid cannot play music je hais.

I know bf told me not to think about the wedding for now but like, cannot help it because the wedding expo is this weekend seh. Anyway I revisited the checklist I did up earlier today during lunch (and in the midst of a colleague bugging me during my lunch hour WTH I CANNOT HAVE TIME TO MYSELF IN PEACE SIA) and looks like most things are OK. I just dont have a “photographer” for the day lah. I mean, my bf’s BIL is pretty good at it, but I just won’t have anyone on my side I guess.

Nemmid la dont spend anymore. Aku tengah bingit ni bank hantar statement suruh bayar $200++ FOR A FREAKING CARD I DIDNT EVEN FREAKING USE AND SUDDENLY RACKED UP THAT MUCH WITHOUT ME USING IT WTH KORANG MEMANG MINTAK KENA LEMPANG SAK. That bank will see me haunting its lines and its storefront. Korang jaga kau.

/rant over.

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