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“Hek eleh…. Tunang pun belum, semua dah book.”

Tak mengapa. Asalkan kita tahu berapa banyak perbelanjaan yang diperlukan sebelum memulakan perjalanan ini bersama. Dan yang penting, sebelum harga semua naik, kerana ia dianggarkan akan naik pada pertengahan tahun ini. Hais, inflasi. Hais, kemelesetan ekonomi. Memang setan betul lah.

  1. Bridal – ISHQ by Nora Zee
  2. Nikah outfit – Raffiey Nasir
  3. Photographer – Flashed! Studio
  4. Catering – A2 Weddings and Events Management
  5. Decor – A2 Weddings and Events Management

That’s the bulk of it done. We are aiming for a certain venue, and everything else will probably be DIY-ed.

I might elaborate in separate posts about our experience doing the bookings. Especially since we booked Flashed! Studio just last Friday, and then went to the Wedding Expo over the weekend and decided to take up A2 Management for their awesome deal.

Now I am like wondering if I should have a photographer on my side for my tunang.

Hais. Terbang ala burung duit terbang. Terbang, tinggi tinggi.

// Great, I gatal decided to add the countdown thing on my sidebar, and now I know EXACTLY how many days I have left. Shits.


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