Yay! Just got news yesterday that one of my girls is going to get engaged in a small private affair and then we are getting married in the same year/same month! Yessah got teman bersuka-duka penglipur lara hehehe 🙂

In the meantime, I need to up my skincare game man. I bought a shetload of face masks today, and then realised the cheapo eye mask Watson’s brand has ALL THE FREAKING PARABENS IN THE WORLD IN IT. Darn it. I haven’t had a facial appointment in a month, all these che tengah sibuk nak facial sebelum hali laya.

Anyway I was toying with an online card/image/graphic generator, so cool! Decided to do a graphic invite for my tunang for my friends/family because I think texting can get the message lost. But hm, I did one that was so… hipster/instagram LOL. I should probably do a family-friendly one instead hahahaha. Later makcik makcik all say “apa kebenda ni #qrstpmlv!!” (example only, cos its our names take out vowels).

Okay lah saya nak tido.

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