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Photography: We got Flashed…

…by our photographers.

Hahaha no lah. That’s the photographer we are getting for the big day. I am so relieved we got them at the price we did because… well… long story hahaha.

So I first read about Flashed! Studio when I was blog hopping blogs last year (cos I was bored with the incessant news coverage of a certain someone’s death, cos I’m #heartlesslikethatyo), and then got sucked into the world of minah kahwin-kahwin blogs and got super intrigued and super addicted and super psycho. Anyway, I saw someone post about them as well as the prices of their 2015 ke 2016 packages, and I was like eh wah quite affordable and their positioning is very different la (unlimited hours, 2 photographers for 1 event etc).

And although the basic package is so basic (like you just receive soft copies and that’s it – no album, no blown up photo) but the fact that there’s TWO photographers (one F one M) and they don’t work by the hour is a HUGE pull factor for me.

Mostly because I don’t feel comfortable with only a M photographer (cos 1. cik abang saya tak pernah nak amek gambar saya jadi saya tak biasa sebab tak pernah ada laki-laki yang nak amek gambar saya sebab kawan-kawan saya selama ni semuanya perempuan, and 2. I seem to always have this effect on M photographers that make them want to sakat me till I get uncomfortable hahaahaha long story) Not saying the M photographer for F.lashed makes me uncomfortable la haha. Just an observation from the weddings I’ve been to as the bride/groom’s orang kuats.

But anyways, back to our photographers. The photographers themselves are a husband-wife duo who just recently got married (so during our meeting, they were offering us opinions about their wedding for us to take into consideration for ours haha) but I mostly dealt with Zac, the manager.

Haha, about Zac. I have been liaising with him over email and thru SMS but he wasn’t actually there during the meeting, and we weren’t sure ourselves if he would be there. It seems that they usually conducted their meetings at Starbucks Raffles Hospital because over the phone with him, he mentioned the round table there (the only table inside big enough to fit more than 4 people). There was a Malay guy sitting right in front of this table. My bf and I were like, is that him, no la it’s not him. Then my mulut gatal and said loudly “Sekali si Zac ni lembut eh” (sorry, I have a bad habit of saying outrageously untrue things about people that I know are not true but I still say anyway) then I turned around and terus saw this guy like, stare me down. Immediately I turned to my bf and went “Eh dekni Zac ke apa seh…” HAHAHAHA Tu la tolong censor sikit mulut next time.

Later, Ros (the wife) SMS-ed to tell us she was coming, we saw her coming and as she walked in… she waved to this guy! Immediately I turned to my bf and probably had a very bewildered look on my face (which, I know I can never properly hide the weird faces that I do that give away exactly what I am thinking). Dalam hati, ni Zac ke…. aahahaha. Then when Salihin, her husband came in, he also salam the guy, but by then I figured that guy probably was not Zac. LOL I even made my bf second-guess himself because he was actually on the phone with Zac, and he was looking at this guy and this guy wasn’t on the phone, so he was most definitely not Zac.

Sorry Zac.

So we listened to their spiel, they asked us about our wedding plans, they showed us their photos and we were like OKAY LET’S TAKE THIS. One thing about us, we are not big on photos and photo taking, so we actually have no preference. But I do know that, actually we both like clean styles, nothing too over processed or busy, so F.lashed is really like, no frills and their photos are just clean and really quite nice. We filled in forms, we signed, they signed and then comes payment time. Jeng Jeng Jeng…

When I first asked Zac about the prices, he gave the 2017 package but quoted me a 15% discount valid for a certain period of time. We were going to meet up with them within the week he sent me the quote (because I kanchiong want to see what they have to say, then have the coming few days to decide whether or not to take them). But at the last minute, they had to reschedule the meeting to the following week! So in my brain, I was like WHUT THATS THE LAST DAY THAT DISCOUNT IS VALID HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME *overreacts*

Then there were more last minute changes, but to the timing (nasib not the date, if not I would have broken down HAHAHA drama). Then the day before meeting them, they posted on their IG about a 20% discount for 10 new couples that set appointments with them for that weekend only (the Wedding Expo weekend) then I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO MEEE but I decided, takpe lah redha, because I also dunno if my bf will like them (and this guy actually quite cerewet hehehe he only say he is not).

So when I broached the subject about how the initial agreement was with the 15% discount, then Salihin mentioned “Actually we have this 20% off for this weekend only, so you are eligible for that.” Immediately I was like:

Hahaha my bf knows if I’m ridiculously happy even for the smallest things, I cannot hide it at all smiling like crazy throughout hahahaha. I think the photographers might have gotten a bit taken aback. BUT YOU MADE ONE STRESS BALL SO HAPPY (aka me) SO THANK YOU!

Seriously, I was in such a good mood the rest of the night hehe. I was actually happily ranting (also cos I rant alot when I am sleepy) and it suddenly dawned on me that, EHHH IF ZAC DIDNT POSTPONE THE MEETING, I WOULDNT GET THE 20% DISCOUNT OMG, THANK YOU ZAC. Thank you God. It’s a wonder how things work out. So yeah, that’s the story of how we got Flashed.

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