alhamdulillah v2

Alhamdulillah, it all went well 🙂

Caterer didn’t cheat me with empty promises, tables and chairs people came 2 days early and a few chairs got stolen by the hooligans on level 3 but we got it back, my MUA did an awesome job despite not much communication beforehand which was driving me nuts but I tawakkal and also after being so tired from work I literally tawakkal even on the day itself, my dulangs turned out fine even though I sliced a couple of fingers and almost broke nails, no crazy act-religious guy around to scold my family this time, my fiance’s kind and helpful BIL took lovely photos for us and we got to see the edited ones on the day itself, most of my friends came and they all looked so good and happy and I was happy they were there (and yes I invited my friends because I don’t have that many to begin with, so it’s not difficult to be selective).

Things I thought could’ve gone wrong, didn’t go wrong and for that, I’m thankful.

(Maybe because I kept reciting Ayatul Qursi almost automatically and instinctively after every prayers, then I find myself reciting it and I don’t even know why, but you know, it felt right so I kept doing it hahaha)

//EDIT: Wondering if I should make myself un-anonymous. After all, I doubt anyone is reading this blog. Also, I can be quite mulut laser but I owe that to the fact that I am quite old and I have little to no fucks to give anymore, and my (our) journey has been anything and everything but smooth. And I know that many people are sensitip. So I dunno…


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