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The Ring

So I survived one full week of wearing The Ring and have not gotten into any panic-inducing episodes with it…. except for that one time when I felt like I was sweating, and pushed it up a little so I could wipe around my finger, then it dropped onto the floor.

Luckily, I am glued to my cubicle these days, so, no scrambling happened.

I am also trying to make The Ring inconspicuous because I didn’t tell anyone at work I was getting engaged (save for one colleague I added on Facebook, but he’s a pakcik, so it’s OK). I also don’t wear rings, not even a watch (only for meeting clients) so the addition of a bling-bling was going to be obvious, to say the least.

And I talk with my hands, so I keep flailing them around. Or since my eyes are getting super dry and scratchy these days no thanks to late nights at the office, I keep forcing myself to shut my eyes by physically using my hands to close it for a few seconds.

What I am most afraid of is the stones falling out. But then again, I think it’s a bezel setting, so should be quite secure lah. Sometimes, I find myself doing a headcount and making sure they are all accounted for. Sometimes, it’s so shiny and reflective I think I am looking at the part where it is set, rather than at the stone itself.

I think eh, I perasan like as if this ring macam my cheapo brooches like that uh hahaha. Where the stones will definitely fall out.

Then I am scared I will wear down the ring because I wash my hands often. Abe takkan tak nak cuci tangan macam che che ni seh. Or keep taking it off and putting it back on. I would rather it not leave my hand at all in the day seh. Dah lah clumsy gila. Pasang bukak, pasang bukak – will be worse I tell you.

Takpe lah. Budak jakun memang macam ni. Tak pernah pakai barang kemas. Barang-barang yang kena kemas tu banyaklah.

I think my wedding ring I don’t want any stones lah. Not worth the stress seh hahahaha.

One of my friends asked me if I will get a wedding ring that will match The Ring.

I looked at her, I looked down at The Ring, then I looked at her again…

i didnt think


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