Money · Wedding


I have a kemusykilan.

You know how most people complain about how hard it is  to save up for their wedding right.

Those of us who have done our homework know that, the bulk of the expenditure will go to catering/decor. Everything else is (bridal, photog, video, berkat, kompang, tok kadi, duit hadang/kipas, wedding rings, dulang items, decor if you are taking separate) if you know how to budget and plan, can cost below $3K each. Total cost of these items other than catering (and guy’s hantaran to the girl) is at least $10K. There are 2 of you using these items for the wedding day. So one person will have to save up at least $5K per person. Guy has to save up more for hantaran and mas kahwin. But other than that, the expenditure costs is at least $5K for girls and $15K for guys. Without catering.

So herein lies my kemusykilan.

Catering/decor these days can go up to $20K. Some people are very lucky to have parents who are sponsoring the catering/decor.

You are engaged for at most 2 years (24 months). The moment you get engaged, you should already have the anggaran/estimate of how much you need to save each month.

Then why do you still complain so much about how hard it is to save up? Like, you are not paying for the bulk of the expenses kan? Like, if I had people to sponsor my catering/decor, my fiance and I can get married early next year.

Even as we are quite tight on our spending and we have cut down on frivolities (except eating out on weekends, cos I always bawak bekal on weekdays, so that is my indulgence), in sha Allah, it won’t be so hard for us to save up based on whatever salary we are receiving right now.

So yeah. Musykil uh jugak. My fiance was talking about how someone he knows kept telling him how hard it is to be saving up money. But everything also the guy doesn’t need to pay. He basically only needs to come up with his hantaran and mahr for his future wife, then the remainder expenses the couple will split. Then we both are like, huh, apa yang susah sangat??


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