Jumping ship

Nothing much prep-wise these days since everything is done. Except trying to recce potential venues. I dunno man, venue is the biggest headache.

Anyways, don’t really wanna talk about venue now. I wanted to talk about jumping ship. For my bridal. HAHAHAHA #indecisivetahapgila

I’ve booked Ishq by Nora Zee last December. Now I don’t know if I was too hasty, or if it is the right fit for me. Literally, is it the right fit?

I have been stalking their Instagram account for the past few weeks. And you know, I think it is easy to be blinded by how amazing their makeup skills are (like every single one of them MUAs, not just Kak Nora). And not that it’s a bad thing to be blinded by such a good plus point. But maybe kan, it might have been a distraction in me making my decision? Like, I know they are one of a few bridals who offer sizes above UK12, which was also another reason why I booked them.

But then right, I am seeing all the brides these past few months – semua macam… slim je. Slim Shady. And they are wearing most, if not all, of the super lawa gila dresses. So what I have been doing is, screencap all the photos of the brides who look like they are wearing L and above, and then review the dresses, and then I see, macam not that many choices je. And I keep seeing the very oft-repeated outfits hahaha. 

On top of that, the ones they feature on IG are also like… what people would wear for baju raya? I mean, it’s not ugly or bad, it’s definitely nice! And I also get that their positioning is subtlety/sleek/chic – which I love also. I mean, I am not one to wear like sulaman kerawang-kerawang keliling pinggang or manik-manik bunga sebesar pinggan on my clothes either. But I do like flowing trains and flowy veils that will cover the feet when you sit on the pelamin. And I notice most of these styles seem to be for the brides who are below size L? I notice the pengantins who wear ankle length dresses/kains all sit a bit awkwardly, like they dunno what to do with the feet? I want to hide my feet, cos I dunno what to do with them. Every time someone asks to pose for pictures and I feel awkward, I will stab myself in the thigh with my finger, or I tap tap my toes nonstop.

If I jump ship, definitely will lose the deposit and then go through the hassle of setting up appointment with someone else etc etc. $500 is not little seh.

Haiyah, okay fine I will convince myself it is fine. Since there is still more than a year to my wedding. I am sure they will bring in more choices. And who knows, they probably do have a lot of choices but it’s just that brides don’t choose them! Hahaha also the anxiety of knowing that I can only choose 4-6 weeks before the wedding is also creeping in hahaha like WHAT IF TAK MUAT ANYTHING IN THAT ONE MONTH’S TIME? HOW? I PUASA EVERYDAY??

Aku cakap macam lah aku ni gemuk sangat. Okay I am not terribly out of shape, just slightly lumpy hahaha and my hips don’t lie. My mom dah sound dah, I have to start losing weight (for the wedding) but I also know I need to do it for my health.

It’s okay lah. If the sanding baju not that whoa, at least I can ensure the nikah baju with Raffiey Nasir will be just how I want it. That one also I nervous, because I booked it like, 2 years in advance. But luckily man, because his 2016 promo is $199 more than the 2015 one.

Takpelahhh K.

Bismillahitawakkaltu’allahi je lah.


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