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Okay i am seriously so noob and didn’t realise there are people reading my blog posts HAHAHA like there’s that stats thing where it tells how many views you have and how many likes there are. So… hi ladies!

Anyway, another noob thing is I didn’t realise that if you plan to have your wedding at the CC, but there are also other couples aiming the venue for the same date, there will be a ballot?! When I heard this, I was like:

shocked cat 1

And then I heard my fiance go “Ahh yess… the ballotting”. Then I was like:

shocked cat 2

Thoughts running through my head were:

He actually knows something I didn’t and he didn’t tell me?!?! WTF is this balloting??! Need to ballot for university course modules, then need to ballot for BTO, now got balloting for CC venue, then need to ballot for children’s primary school, what more in this stupid country do I have to bloody ballot for man ?? How come I knows about this and he didn’t tell me??? Oh wait maybe he told me but I dismissed him too early without considering the weight of his words. Shit why do I always do that?? I know a lot but I don’t know everything?? Oh no, what else has he said  that I didn’t pay attention to… OH dammit why is life so difficult?

After I calmed down, then I realised, yeah I guess that makes sense. But it also doesn’t make sense so like. I am gonna crawl into my bed and cry myself to sleep now.

Okay no I can’t. It’s 10.30 in the morning.


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