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thoughts on fast forward

So right now, I am in my bed, and not at work because — guess who got an MC for two days?!!?! YASS DAS RIGHT ME. BECAUSE I OSO GOT FEVERRR YASS DAS RIGHT.

Last time I had fever was last year’s Raya, and I didn’t follow my family for visiting and I slept at home alone, there was no one around but I could hear very clearly sounds of “people moving around outside” in the living room and attributed it to the sounds from the void deck and my deliriousness. Turns out, they weren’t. They were actually from my living room HAHAHA LONG STORY THERE.

Anyways, since I am slightly delirious right now, because my fever didn’t have the “chance” to get to full throttle before I went to the doctor and took meds, my thoughts are on fast forward right now.

Previously I blogged about videography, and I wanted just a video of the nikah. Now, Mr. I doesn’t believe in wedding videos. He finds it very corny. Actually, truth be told, Ms. K also doesn’t believe in wedding videos. She cannot watch one without feeling like wanting to scratch her skin out. Perfect match! LOL yarright. But we both want to have a recording of the nikah at least.

Initially Mr. I was thinking to just have a camera set up to record it, and have someone like my brother from AVA CCA to man it (hahaha!! abuse child labour betul ah kakak dia.) But then, me being me, and me having had to record videos, and edit them, and knowing what a pain in the ass they are because I am super pemalas like that, know that if I do not have a “finished” product, I won’t be able to overcome the procrastination to look through them ever again. I am already setting myself up to DIY the wedding album because I want to print a photobook instead (and maybe ask my bosses if I can use their printers to print for free nyehehe and print my wedding invites too…)


Or I could just buy a Groupon for the photobook you know, then print the typical 4R photos for my parents to keep, in a smaller, less heavy/bulky wedding album because let’s face it. Ain’t nobody got time to flip open your self-indulgent wedding photos if it’s a tome. If it’s a book, like a coffee table book, ahhh nicer kan? My workplace can do coffee table books nyehehehe. Takdelah ni semua angan-angan.

Anyway, back to videography. So yeah, if there is no “finished” product, haram jadah aku takkan bukak tengok video tu lagi. And, to be honest right, why I thought of wanting to get professional videography is because, the past weekend, my brother and SIL came over with their wedding album and videos.

No, bukan pasal tengok orang ada aku pun nak. Buttt because I saw HOW FREAKING DAMN HILARIOUS MY FAMILY IS IN THE VIDEOS!!! Like OMG WE ARE SO AWKWARD I JUST WANT TO LAUGH AT EVERY SECOND OF ANYTHING IN THE VIDEO. Like cerita kelakar seram hahaha omg tak baik seh aku. My sisters faces when they came down from the bus to carry the dulangs, macam gangster turun dari bas datang nak tumbuk orang seh serious hahaha. Then I remember pointing out the videographers to my younger brother as we were walking towards the void deck. So me, being the ahem professional in front of cameras that I am, acted like as if it wasn’t there so I looked quite normal. But my brother, suddenly tersipu-sipu, smiling so widely and laughing, he looked so cute on camera la please so cute! Then shots of my father talking to my brother as he was going to the girl’s side, macam orang tengah marah because index finger come out all hahaha! My mother’s face so grumpy every time she pose for photo, but the moment the camera stopped flashing, then she relaxes and smiles hahahaha serious seh mama why you so like that.

So macam gini, niat aku betul tak, nak engage wedding videographer? HAHAHA Need to tell the poor videographers that I engage (in sha Allah if can psycho Mr. I for all the right reasons as stated above) to get the antics of our families and guests more than us. I can just imagine the shots of Mr. I’s nephew’s nonstop eating we can take, them getting scolded by their parents or nenek(s), his niece bullying his nephew ke HAHAHA.

But now comes the hard part. The budget!! I found some videographers that are OK la not too bad. Cannot wait for this weekend. I need to sit down with Mr. I and discuss finances and see what we can fit in. Kalau rezeki is only for nikah video je then OK la. If can selit the full-day programme then all the better because I want all these awkward things inside HAHAHA.

Speaking of awkward, I made Mr. I promise to learn to take photos of me properly so I can practise posing for the big day. I know, what kind of an awkward promise is that hahaha. I usually am the one to take the photos in most of my social circles, and I feel DAMN AWKWARD if a guy takes my photos but later wedding got guy photographer so the fiance must help me get used to it, and Mr. I needs to help his friend promote something so, an eye for an eye. Figuratively though. I don’t want Mr. I’s eyes. Berlolok seh hahahahaha mine nicer.

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