something on the side

I’ve thought a lot about starting something on the side to earn some extra bucks, “monetising my creativity” if you will. There have been many times when I get so motivated and inspired and I will make make make, but suddenly, I just didn’t feel like I want to have anything to do with selling it off, creating a brand or whatever. I don’t know what is wrong with me wrt to that. Maybe I am seriously damn pemalas, or maybe I am just feeling insecure, or maybe I think too much. The thing is, I know I am good at promoting, selling and building a relationship with customers. And I know, that I am good at making whatever these items that people normally pay others to do. But I just feel so doubtful. No doubt, now that I am aggressively trying to save up for the wedding, of course this thought pops back into my head. If I make it sound like a jokes #contributetomyweddingfund thing, agak-agak orang nak layan ke orang nak kutuk eh?

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