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henna, and some nonsensical rants

Sementara tunggu cik abang sayang talipon, nak blog sikit lah.

Is it too early to enquire about henna? Like, there is literally MORE THAN A YEAR AND SIX MONTHS before the wedding and I am already thinking about henna.

Actually will be nice to have a henna party eh. I like, macam mandi bunga, pakai kain batik berkemban, duduk kat corridor malam-malam kena siram dengan air mawar.

HAHHAHAHA Imagine duduk kat corridor sorang-sorang berkemban tengah-tengah malam main air. Aku rasa aku boleh lawan jiran sebelah rumah aku as The Block’s Scariest Resident.

Pernah that time, I walked out of the lift, I turned around and saw this super old wrinkly guy I have never in my life seen before, slowly ascending the steps to my level. I started freaking out and ran brisk walked to my door, and started banging on the door nonstop. Actually honestly I half thought the guy was a hantu and he was following me, and half believing he was just an old person but not going to my level. But I turned around and SAW HIM WALKING STRAIGHT TOWARDS ME. Mak aku pulak lama gila nak bukak pintu my goddd. TAPI ORANG TUA NI BANGSA JALAN PELAN-PELAN TEGAK MUKA STONE STARE KAT AKU JE.

That week was the first week of my new Burmese neighbours. Hey y’all.

Anw, back to the point. Henna. I found someone who charges $80 for hands and feet but dunno; her kerja tangan not very telaten. There is someone I like but hers is $150 for “simple package”, then another person I like also but charges $100. Actually I was aiming for eshennafix cos, you know, her birthday is same as mine (WOW OMG TOTALLY VALID REASON K) but it’s not everyday you find people whose birthday falls on 11 September hahaha I have met only 1 other person. I feel like we need to form a club so we can give each other moral support.

Like when people ask “So when’s your birthday?” and you answer “September 11” (you dont even bother going 11 September like a proper British colonised person, you just go for the common vernacular post-9/11). And people go “WHOAAAA!!!!” or “OMG REALLY??” or “WHATTT??!!”

Like hello, I am clearly born BEFORE September 11 2001. Jangan step kecoh sangat please. You think my parents plan for C-sect on that very special day after it happened is it. Mintak kene rodok lah ni orang.

So yah, I dunno. See how lah. I want to get the food tasting out of the way first. Macam serams gitu. Kalau tak sedap HOWS. Or, IF THEY BUNGKUS SETENGAH JALAN HOWS.


7 thoughts on “henna, and some nonsensical rants

    1. we seriously need a club hahaha. anws, when were you in NUS? I was from 2008-2012, and I was a social recluse. When I was at NLB, my desk buddy and I had MANY mutual friends but we never ever met. Because she was a recluse too hahaha

      1. Hahaha I was there 2009-2012! I spent my last year at central Lib MMR after I was tired being a social butterfly Hhahaha. I think we probably have mutual friends. You’re from arts too right?

    1. Hahaha ya I think she opens quite late, actually when is your date? Kalau 2017, should be fine kan? I think… I dunno how early people book henna, I thought usually macam last-last ke, but so many people open for 2017 bookings alr -.-

      1. I know kan! But i only have eyes for eshenna tho because of her floral designs. HEHE. Mine is July 2017 in shaa Allah. Emailed her but she will only open 2017 Oct this year. Tkpeeee, patience ~ as far as i know from other brides they book henna like 6 months before usually ~

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