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I updated the info above ^ ^ Like I finally found out what to do with those tabs up there, but I forgot how to make more of those tabs. Hahaha noob.

Confirmed my videographers on Sunday! Quite proud of myself and the vendors I secured so far haha especially for photo+video, cos for both, we will have one from each company for both our sides at the market rate of 1 photographer/videographer. Got awesome photographers at a good discount, and videography company is a relatively new but promising upstart and for the services they offer, their rates is the lowest from what I have surveyed. Alhamdulillah. Very, very happy with these 2 choices for now. Dealing with them is also so very easy breezy beautiful.

Been hearing less than good things about ISHQ by Nora Zee though. The thing is kan, I don’t really take these less positive reviews to heart la because, it definitely is one-sided. That aside, I have also heard from a good friend who was the MOH at another friend’s wedding regarding the less than pleasant clients and their bridesmaids that the ISHQ staff have had to handle. Plus the people I encountered at the ISHQ open house last December… I’d say, if you are not a suka menyusahkan hidup orang type of person, you shouldn’t have anything to worry lah. Okay, granted I don’t really know what happened because I also don’t want to know, but really, there are 3 sides to every story — yours, theirs, and Setan’s. HAHAHAHA.

Food tasting is this Sunday. I scared we will be rushing cos Mr. I and I will be from kelas, and my parents will be travelling across the country to Tampines, and the food tasting is from 12 to 3, when we end kelas at 1.30/2 -.- Okay but at least our kelas is at Eunos.

Then my mom can still ask “Nak sampai pukul 2.15, jalan dalam 1 jam gitu eh.” Like Ma, this is not the first time you travel to Tampines in your whole life, half your family stays in Tampines, I used to leave 1.5hrs when I want to travel to work in Marine Parade… YOU WANT TO GO TAMPINES TAKE 1 HOUR??  Ahahahaisss… When I say take cab, don’t want. But want to travel to Tampines in 1 hour. Nanti tak pasal-pasal, jadi pasal. Dah lah your husband one kind. Alamak…

Okay, okay. I guess I am PMS-ing. 3 more days countdown to Aunt Scarlet. Orang dah stress for food tasting, tolong lah jangan tambah stress adoiii.

Tawakkal… If not, back to the drawing board it is…


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