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Food, glorious food

We had our food tasting yesterday yay!! Haha I was so anxious and doubtful before this date came (from hereonwards, my nickname to myself will be Negative Nenek), can’t believe it has actually happened, and we are actually confirmed with this company for catering and decor.

I guess it is quite a risk going for a relatively new company who does not have a “proven track record” or a “brand name” especially for catering and decor when there are more obvious “star players” who are safe choices but I think we made quite a good decision 🙂
For one thing, the price we got them for all the items they offer, I am very, very happy and proud with our decision. They cost at least $2k less than other vendors offering the same items, with the same work ethic and creativity.

So far, at least. Maybe some things will transpire down the road but so far, alhamdulillah, all the vendors have been good. Only thing left right now is venueeeee.

Maybe I will blog more in detail later. Now I am stuck in a meeting where nothing is applicable to me right now. Sighh…


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