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Videography: Natural Light Movement

Initially, videography was not something on our list. I had previously seen glimpses of the rates of the more popular videography vendors going around, and when I saw the rates of an upwards of $1500, I baulked. When I heard my brother got his videographer at $1,900, in my mind, I was just like TAKPE TAKPE ITS OKAY ITS OKAY. And to think that this was the cost he booked it 2 years ago. I shudder to think what the rates would be now.

Initially, I wanted to just cover the nikah. Mr. I’s brother mentioned his friend did for another friend, and we saw the videos on YouTube. Although cheap, it’s also quite amateur lah. Not say like just because the person charge $500, we must not expect anything WOW! but, $500 is still money spent, and if you don’t really foresee you would like the end product, then don’t spend at all la kan.

Another one of my motto in life is, kalau dah alang-alang nak buat tu, buat je betul-betul.

So kirakan, kalau dah alang-alang nak cari videographer, cari je yang betul-betul at least senonoh sikit and does not remind me of the cringe-worthy Yusof Haslam’s early “director” days of cheese fest Gerak Khas directing/video editing circa 1990s. Seriously, all the swooshes and transition effects…

I went on a hunt for videographers on Google actually. But after a few days of non-satisfying search results, I admitted defeat. Turns out Google is not your best friend when it comes to Malay weddings. Instagram is!

I added a few of the more popular big-name videographers on Instagram, purely for the purpose of the “Suggested”/”See All” option that will appear after you “Follow” the initial accounts. I must have stalked maha stalked because I remember Natural Light Movement didn’t appear so easily!

Anyway, I was purposely trying to find the newer videography companies. I have to say, it’s a lot easier to find up-and-coming photographers than videographers. How to know they are new? (1) Number of followers and (2) Number of posts. Haha. Why did I decide to look for newer videographers (as opposed to established ones)? (1) I hoped it would be cheaper and (2) I hoped they would be hungry for the business, therefore more motivated and willing to flex creative muscles and throw in extras.

Okay lah tbh, just hoped they were cheaper and would throw in extras. Actually, it’s not really considered extras lah, but newer vendors do not really have a set style or deliverables that people go to them for, so they are more flexible in the sense?

But anyway, can I just say NLM is both and more la! Tbh I was really very happy after I met Hadad, the founder/owner.

Actually before the meeting I was very doubtful haha (Negative Nenek betul seh aku). I saw his Instagram account and was like, why this guy look like these hipster kids these days… HAHAHAHA perangai grumpy old woman betul seh.

But yalah, I really liked the way he explained to me and Mr. I about their deliverables and their working style. They don’t work by the hour (they will be there the whole day from start to end, like our photographers), there will be 1 videographer for the guy side and 1 for the girl’s side (like our photographers), and the typical highlights and full video + CD etc. Among the deliverables are: (1) a 15-second Instagram teaser 1 day after the wedding, (2) a 2-5 minute highlights 1 week after the wedding, and (3) the full deliverables 1 month after the wedding…. (1 month eh? sekali salah eh, main hantam je. Nak kene check lagi…).

Their style is both cinematography and documentary (tbh I dunno what either entails, I only forwarded Mr. I a link to a list of “Questions to ask Your Wedding Videographer” like 1 hour before the meeting, and we anyhow ask hahaha! But we liked what he heard!) And then towards the end, Hadad was like, “And one more thing. We have this thing called “Love Letter”. So you must both prepare something to say to each other for us to record, but this is just for you guys lah”, which I am guessing it means it won’t be included in the “public” version of the videos.

Then I was like “Huh… Love Letter???” Hahaha berapa banyak benda nak kene siapkan script niiii. I don’t want to cry on camera…

But anyway, Hadad wasn’t pushy at all, he was very open and friendly, and for someone who just turned 24, very impressive seeing how passionate he is and how hard he is working in this line and wanting to provide for a certain demographic (i.e., the budget conscious segment).  Mr. I and I were saying things like, Wahh so nice to be so young, motivated, and driven; unlike us old, tired, jaded, and grumpy beings…. when we aren’t even like more than 5 years apart HAHAHAHA.

On the day itself, Hadad won’t be the one videoing us, instead he will be giving the creative direction to 2 other videographers working with him (understandable la cos the company also offers photography and I assume they have a few clients on any given weekend.) He also mentioned that we are swee-swee the last couple to book NLM for 2017, so alhamdulillah rezeki 🙂

What I learnt from 26+ years of my life living as someone with big feet, if it fits, and it’s the last one available for you, get it!

Plus, the price is pretty sweet for everything they are offering, so I am stoked 🙂

Actually, my Plan B was to take just the solemnisation package from Once Upon Images or The Weekend Affair cos they were priced at around $800, but since NLM’s full day full suite of services cost not much more, NLM it shall be!

It pays to stalk, hunt around, and ask as many vendors as possible for quotes and to compare rates and services. Granted, we wanted to meet NLM (okay I wanted to meet NLM) because of the price, and didn’t talk to anyone else, but alhamdulillah, glad it went well.

For now. Hehehe, second stage of the review process will come when we are nearer to the  date. Jeng jeng jeng…


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