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Brainstorm: Decor

So I have been pretty much a words person for most of my blog posts because I am too old to give a fck about adding photos to attract people’s attention to my blog or to direct human traffic and also because I am long-winded af. But today, I thought I wanted to think through some wedding decor ideas; mainly the color scheme.

This whole week I was thinking of warm colours like marsala, bronze and light gold. But I also couldnt decide between bronze or champagne, and light gold or silver.

When I met Mr. I yesterday, I actually mulut gatal and asked him what he wants. HAHAHA PATUT TAK PAYAH. HAHAHAH no lah just kidding. Biasa, men will want to keep their women happy and say “You choose lah, you are good with these things” even though deep down inside, they have their own opinions.Which is exactly what Mr. I said. It doesn’t mean that they got no backbone; it just means they don’t think that whatever potential disagreement that might come out of a difference of opinion on colour scheme for the wedding decor is worth it.

Now, if I took it at that, I could’ve just prattled off that I wanted a warm colour palette. But then, for some reason, I insisted on listening to what he wanted. After all, it’s not just my wedding. It’s our wedding. And I know I would feel better if he had some say in our decision-making; I already know that he trusts my decision and would happily leave me to call all the shots because he just wants me to be happy with what we get in the end.

So glad we decided to do a combined wedding and our parents are OK with it because I would rather make this a joint effort than to have two nice pelamins that I would barely spend more than 2 hours with.

Back to his choice of colour palette. It didn’t take much for me to coax it out of him (which means he also spent a lot of time thinking about it nyehehe!) and he said he wanted one colour which I didn’t even think about – NAVY.

Then he said – Navy, Gold, and White.

From the top of my head I was like, how is that supposed to work? Navy is a cool colour, gold is warm, and I don’t like white. We discussed substituting the gold with silver/grey, and white with glitter-silver accents or off-white/champagne. Then worried about whether navy would be too dark, should we have it as the main colour or as a colour accent (i.e. in the accessories) etc etc.

Of course when I got home, I went to the repository of images and colour combinations aka Pinterest!

And boy oh boy, did I like what I see with Navy and Gold. Lo, and behold.

Lawa or what!!!

And then of course I tried to find navy and silver colour combi. Lo, and behold.

Ugh, so lawa please, I want to cry! I want to pengsan!! I want to be so hyperbolic that you cannot stand me typing with exclamation marks!!!

But then right, I still like the marsala and gold color combi also.

Sorry, could only find images of cakes… but STUNNING CAKES in Marsala and Gold.

Alaaaaa, lawa gila please, I really want to cry. I love jewel tones SO MUCH OMG SO MUCH. I am #teamnopastels hahaha I don’t like pastels. If I wear pastels, they make me look sick.

Okay, teal is bordering on pastel and very easy to encroach onto Tiffany Blue territory (which I really don’t like) but that cake…

Arghhh I love colours oh. my. god. You have no idea how much I love these colours. Rawrrrr. I become so unintelligible and no words can describe. Haisssssss…

Also, not many actual photos of dais or pelamin in these colour combinations because, I guess not very popular lah. A lot of people like to look like they’re in heaven (white weddings), other like to look like Ikea warehouse (rustic theme), most like flower vomits (fluffy flowers that don’t look like flowers but instead look like cotton balls)…

Negative Nenek ni tak kisah lah nak letak apa pun, asalkan I get my preferred colour scheme…

Still more than a year to the wedding. Sabar K sabar.


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