People are very strange. People on Instagram are stranger.

Ok let’s just cut to the chase. I never even heard of this yummiayummi until like, this time last year when I first started googling wedding stuff. When I saw people review her then, I went to find her on Instagram and wanted to add her to view her works as a potential customer, and surprise surprise! She blocked me!

LOL I didn’t even know of her existence, and she had already blocked my account. (Back then she didn’t have her official bridal account yet.)

Really made me wonder what the hell I had done to someone whose existence I didn’t even know about. I mean, I don’t sell stuff on Instagram, I don’t comment on stranger’s accounts. My account is not public so even if I have offensive content, she can’t see it..?

Reminds me of my friend getting blocked by this one “popular” girl in the “wtb community” when my friend didn’t even know her then. And no one dislikes this friend of mine — she is like, THE MOST FRIENDLY PERSON I know and people LOVE to be around her, and she’s friends with everyone. My friend prolly just thought this girl was really nice and all, but… anywho. Friend guessed that maybe she got blocked cos she’s good friends with the girl’s hubby’s ex..?? Dunno la.

Haha. Oh well. Some girls are funny. Some girls on Instagram are even funnier.



2 thoughts on “Hairan

    1. Hmm yea uh, nvr thought of that… but I have blocked spam accounts and typically blocking takes some effort cos need to press a few buttons? Anw my sister and I playfully blocked each other once and then she wanted me to add her again but I couldn’t, then she realised she hadn’t unblocked me haha.

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