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  1. For those of you who do not have live entertainment, how do you pick your songs? (assuming you are picky about what songs to play, or more importantly, which singer whose voice you do not want to hear)
  2. How do you provide your playlist to your DJ? Do you assume he would have his own bank of never-ending songs that would just suit whatever you want, or do you provide him with CDs (CDs eh, so last century), or iPod, or do you use Spotify (assuming there’s Internet connection, actually do you need Internet connection? I have never used Spotify…)
  3. Actually for those who do have live entertainment, surely you guys have some songs you want the band to play? Like most bands are traditional bands kan, would they do English songs? I actually havent been to many weddings with live entertainment, come to think of it.

Our DJ/entertainment comes with the catering/decor package. Both Mr. I and I aren’t very fussed with entertainment (actually just tak kuasa). Kalau engage traditional band pun, bukannya Mr. I can recognise the songs. Only I will. I mean, I like traditional songs lah but the $$$ to spend on them, macam tak berbaloi haha. Anyway, I do want a more “international” feel (chey chey) then maybe have song requests from the audience?

Although song requests can backfire also HAHAHA, like my friend’s wedding last¬†December, the people at my table requested for Thong Song and Hotline Bling HAHAHA, and it was for a duo act to SING OKAY. NOT EVEN PLAY SONG FROM CD THING. With friends like these, who needs enemies. Tsk. (Btw, they ignored our request hahaha!)

Okay lah, still very long to decide what goes into the playlist. But I would like to think I can curate a good playlist. Chey, curate seh. *dusts shoulders*


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