Waiting for How To Get Away With Murder to load. Slowly trying to remember what my “routine” was before I became bogged down with my mega project that made me reach home at 10 every day and basically just go to sleep.


Basically me, these days.

I can go home on time now, and yet, I just lay in bed after dinner till it’s bedtime and not do anything productive at all. On weekends, I just nap. I don’t do anything else really. And then, on weekdays, I take a long time to get ready in the mornings because I am a tidsoptimist. I think I can sleep 20 more minutes and get ready in less than 15. I use up 15minutes alone when I am trying to get to the toilet. I blame it on the after-effects of the mega-project, it messed up my biological clock. I was fine before that… (right…)


Back to routines — I actually did establish a daily workout routine around this time last year, but then, it all went to shits. HAHAHA. Still, pretty good I haven’t gained back the weight I lost. My clothes and pants are still loose though I am slowly getting back a muffin top. Hopefully the upcoming Ramadan will sort that out lewls.

I used to always promise myself to keep to a nightly routine. Like, movie nights on Friday nights or Thursday if I have plans on Friday, and right now it’s mainly catching up on TV shows. Like, I just finished bawling my eyes out on a certain death that happened on The Originals. I don’t even know why the death scene is SO SAD. Sigh. The Originals is such a nostalgic show for me. It started out with The Vampire Diaries, then I so sick and tired of Elena, Elena, Elena. When there was a spinoff based on just The Originals (whose story lines were obviously so much better than poor old Elena’s, of course I jumped ship. I can’t be bothered to keep up with TVD anymore tbh. In a few of the TO episodes, there was a TVD crossover and I was like, stoppit la go away. So yes, now I am slowly catching up with the shows I missed. The Originals and now, How To Get Away With Murder. Since The Walking Dead won’t be on till October T.T

Another routine I wanted to re-introduce back into my lifestyle is facial night HAHA. I know, I am such a nerd. I was  religiously doing masks almost every other night before my engagement, and then now I can’t even be bothered to do anything else beyond cleansing my face every morning. Need to start that again.

One more thing I picked up recently is hand lettering! I’ve been stalking photos and videos of people doing hand lettering, looks superrrr cool omg I really wanna be a pro in it. But as with hobbies, the amount of $$ that goes into getting the stuff to work on hand lettering is sooo expensive, especially if you want to use actual legit calligraphy pens. Even the paper used for these artwork is like, special paper. I suppose they have to be of a certain gram or gsm, so that the ink doesn’t seep through. Right now, I am just using the pens I have amassed over the years thinking they were cool pens when I was just a noob and unworthy to use them lewls, anddd all the rough paper in the world I get from my workplace. Anyway, if I wanna get good at it, I need to start practising more often. Need to pick a night, maybe Mondays and Tuesdays.

Another thing to help with the health department, is that Mr. I is initiating that we go over to each other’s area every week (mine this week, his next week) to exercise O.O I didn’t think he would be serious -.- But apparently, it is happening tomorrow. Le sigh. He has to get back into shape in time for his reservist in November lewls, that’s why he’s dragging me down with him. I guess I shall have to play the role of the supportive fiancee.

Like, from the sidelines. With a bag of Treatz wasabi potato chips in my hands. Cheering him on. Woohoo!


2 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Hello ! Haha your post is funny and cute 😂

    I have just started watching The Originals too ! Thanks to Netflix heh heh.. Haven’t got to the part where anybody significant died though. Which season are you on?

  2. Haha thanks >.< I am on Season 3!! Okay nasib I didn't say who died, but it's really very sad T.T sampai tersedu-sedu tengok orang tu nak mati sigh.

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