Syaitannirrojim betul

Audzubillahahaha… syaitannirojim betul. Tergugat iman aku.

Yes I am talking about Hari Raya collections. It is that time of the year again. How does anyone who wants to save for her wedding, work on AVOIDING spending all that $$$ on ALL THE NICE CLOTHES FOR EID!

Hais. I really do not need more new clothes. I have many new raya clothes I never got round to wearing cos sick or lazy to go out. Haisss but I havent bought ANYTHING clothes wise in almost SIX MONTHS OMG world record for me.

Was talking to N a friend who is getting married around same time as me about this and shes also like, HOW LIKE THIS. Hahahais.

So should I or should I not. I have $80 in store credit for Zalora cos I returned some shoes. I have a feeling if I dont spend on baju raya, I will spend on tudungs haha audzubillahahahahais.

Ni la perempuan, apa orang cakap, akal satu bahagian, nafsu tujuh bahagian. Eh.

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