Separation Anxiety

So at the last minute Mr. I decides to call me as I am working late at the office and playfully drop a hint that maybe we should meet for dinner today, to which I said NAK of course.

Then on the mrt ride to meet Mr. I, my mom suddenly messaged me to ask why I am not home yet (when I can usually be working late till 8-9 with absolutely no calls no SMS whatsoever). Dodgy kan. So I asked jer la, why you ask? I’m working late.

Then she tell me sad story about how there is no one at home and she is all alone. Alahaiii mama. So I da call Mr. I cancel dinner, suruh patah balik all, thennnn I called her and she said, oh dah, your father and sister dah balik. Then immediately put down phone.

Alahaiii mama. Kesian I call Mr. I balik for dinner hahahaha.

When we started working, my mom was trying but failing to hide her separation anxiety. Then, when we might have social outings or whatever, she says and does these kind of things. Kadang kesian. Nanti everyone dah kahwin, how will she cope. But when we are all at home, she tells us not to disturb her hahahaaiss. Smh, mothers.

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