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Cray cray

This month is just so cray. Soooo much work, I keep falling sick and feeling very malu every time I need to tell my boss/HR that I cannot come to work. Then trying to get books out but danggggg typesetters why you so slowww but authors asik nak make changes jerrrr. Then supposed to have performance review DARI MINGGU LEPAS but my boss asik tak freee je so have to postpone. Then got book launch next Sunday… SUNDAY OK KENE KERJA, DA SATU TAHUN LEBIH I DONT NEED TO WORK SUNDAYS. Then my house toilets will undergo renovation in first week of June till first week of Ramadhan argh!!! Nak sahur kena bangun extra early to mandi at toilet downstairs haiyahhhh leceh. Then I checked that I will prolly get my period right smack in the middle of the reno period o.O omg mak nak lemas tolong please haisss.

Stress oh stress.

Hais. Nothing much on wedding prep front. Except everyone I mention in passing to, that I am getting married, diorang yang kecoh semacam. Aku serious tak kuasa at this point. Cos so many more things happening, macam nak pengsans leh. I dont want to work late during Ramadhan so I had planned to put in extra hours this month, but like, going nowhere cos im falling sick every week! Teruks.

Okay. Just trying to do site recce for potential venues. Like malas la, apasal aku gi matair/tunang orang East side haisss. Lol like got choice like that. INI YANG DINAMAKAN JODOH cik kak oi.
But then like, Mr. I mati-mati nak CC in the East. Then of course la I entertain that thought but bukak cite kesian.

“Yelah ok buat kt CC in the east. Nikah pukul 10, means I have to be there 930, means I leave the house 830, means I need to wake up at 5 because nak mandi and makan and pakai baju by 630 for mak andam to come and makeup, means I got no time to shit or whatever, means you really takde hati perut uh. You laki apa you kena buat, bangun subuh boleh tido balik, bole gi breakfast lagi, lenggang kangkung jalan terkedek-kedek gi CC.”

Terus member go “Ohhh… yah… ok ok we find west side CC.”


Alahh…. say only now. Nanti nak tengok jugak east side CC. Hahahahaisss.

And the search continues….


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