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rumah, oh rumah

Mr. I and I are applying for a house in this May’s BTO exercise, and we are eyeing the sales of balance flats because we would very much like to be staying on our own in 2 year’s time post-wedding, so by 2019. The estimated date of completion of the new flats open this round are all in 2020 to 2022. Mak kau, nanti dah jadi mak-mak baru dapat rumah seh.

Although, I quite like the floor plan of the new flats on offer for this round! Like the typical floor plans so far have been — masuk jumpa living room, kitchen next to door, WC outside kitchen in front of living room, next to living room is bilik, bilik and masterbedroom. The floor plans for the Bt Panjang houses for this round’s BTO is like — masuk living room, left side of living room is bilik, right side of living room another bilik, then master bedroom (kitchen & WC in same positions I think). I dunno, but I like how one room is away from the other two rooms! And some of the houses will have balcony jugak. Haiyaa I really like the sound of it, but then… cannot la wait that long to move out.

Then, we kinda really wanted the Bedok flats too because it is seriously sooo near to sooo many amenities, but then sooo expensive ohmaiiigod. Although I am sure if we are able to get the house, by the time we need to make the downpayment, my CPF should have enough. But don’t want to risk it lah. Trying to minimise potential expenses as far as possible because we never know what is going to happen.

Like if we commit to a certain level of lifestyle, the kind yang makan restaurant every weekend, go holiday every public holiday to faraway places, sekali down the road we run into certain financial situations like some chronic illness ke, loss of jobs ke, a sick parent or sibling… then cannot adjust the expenditure because all these while kesedapan sangat going about our lives with no real responsibility. Like some people. So used to going on holidays and cannot compromise on that, then when the mother falls sick and ask for financial help, say oh sorry cannot help I got no $$ LOL #priorities. But okaylah, so far, both Mr. I and I have had to shoulder very real responsibilities since forever, so insya Allah, god will help us stay grounded, so we have always from the start try to minimise expenditure.

Only the thing is, dunno which area to choose. We narrowed down to Woodlands and Bukit Batok, of course I am more inclined to BB because it’s where I grow up and super near to my workplace, and I am the one who will probably not change jobs anymore, whereas Mr. I will always have to move from place to place as a result of the nature of his job. Tbh, Woodlands also not bad la, and Yishun also got a big Malay community. Because we place importance on the availability of convenience shops and kedai kopi Melayu haha.

I swear I am so pampered when it comes to kedai kopi. My current house is right smack in the middle of 2 coffee shops with goood halal food readily available AND convenience stores, and just a 30-metre walk away from another nice Malay coffeeshop with goood food and a halal minimart. Then, if I take a 15-minute walk to Bukit Gombak — Malay heaven seh, the place is like mini-Geylang. If I buy a place in like, Ang Mo Kio or Yio Chu Kang where such things are practically non-existent unless you stay in a very specific area, mampus seh. Alamat tak masak langsung la cik abang oi.

Like as if our own internal struggles and conflicts in decision-making is not enough, ada sahaja suara-suara luar yang sibuk nak join make a decision. I really do not understand these people tau. Like you offer your opinion and advice, okay lah, of course I will consider because I just listen what. But kau mati-mati want to force it down people’s throat, attack people for not following what you say, every time you meet us you keep talking about how stupid we are not following what you say. HAHAAHHAHA KAU BODOH KE AKU YANG BODOH alamak seriously step real estate agent seh.

Like some people. Who keep telling Mr. I to get a house in Sengkang, Punggol and for a while, he kept talking to me about the houses there. I told him, “If you nak sangat duduk Sengkang or Punggol, might as well you marry someone else.” LOL boleh jadi gaduh seh.

Because #1, you must consider my situation because I am also paying for the house and I will be your wife; #2, you must understand where I work and the fact that I prolly will not change jobs ever again unless my employers suddenly decide they hate me; #3, are you staying with them or are you staying with me?; #4, have you seen the prices for the houses in Sengkang and Punggol for this round?? They are almost as expensive as the houses in the central region aka jangan nak berangan.

Seriously, all these people eh, sebut main hembus je AND THEN info all outdated. THEN mati-mati nak paksa orang ikut cakap dia. OMG kau ingat kau tu mak bapak aku keeee. Cakap mak bapak aku pun sendiri aku tak ikut, nak buat apaaa aku yo’yo’oh sangat ikut cakap kau alamakkk please boleh tak pasang otak sikit omg, nanti bila kau jual rumah Sengkang/Punggol kau dapat untung lebih tu tolong please go scan otak kau.

Can’t wait for the book launch tomorrow to be over, then I can have some nice lunch and then we can go home and start applying for the house.

Btw HDB, you guys suck. Cos this time round, the period of application is so bloody SHORT and you sent out a notification halfway through the first day, and some people even received the notification on the second day, and your website hangs and loads super slow on the first day I had to stay up till 12, and you had a freaking maintenance ON THE FIRST DAY of the application period.

Okay lah I will not bash you further in case you stalk my blog and decide to not gimme chance for the balloting LOL (I know it doesnt work that way, but hells #conspiracytheorists)


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