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Trying to sleep early but want to document a bit on life and married life preps.

° So we applied for a SBF at bukit batok, praying hard we get a slot at this -one- particular development cos its seriously so good even tho sebelah hutan and apparently Mr. I has seen tiga ekor anak monyet swinging around. But then which part of bb is not sebelah hutan lulz. I should be “hutan girl”. I know like, what are the odds but sighhh please ya Allah, I am literally like explicitly tanpa segan silu and takde “class”, after every waktu solat I doa and ask for that plot of land specifically  haha.

° Toilet reno starting tomorrowwww. I am preparing for it like as if I am going camping/ on holiday, except more like camping. Already put aside two week’s worth of clothes, gathered all my undies, hmm maybe I shud go get more, just thinking about lunch for tomorrow & friday since we are ordering nasi ambeng for thursday konon nak celebrate Ramadhan. More like, fasting month coming so better satisfy ALL your cravings now. Also ordering in cos my company Ha Raw policy is like toooot.

° My mom said something very sad last week when we were watching “Hati Perempuan” on Suria and I was like, ranting about the annoying lead actress cos that girl SRSLY GETS ON MY NERVES LIKE WHY ARE YOU GRUMPY GIRL. Da bagus laki kau orang kaya tapi tak kerek or kepala batu seh. But anyways, she said something like, “when you get married, don’t fight with your husband about wanting to go home to see your parents. Mak kau takkan lari, tapi laki kau boleh lari.” 😦 Ma…. why you say these things… like firstly, I dont believe Mr. I wont let me see my parents (but its true, nothing in the future is certain) and like, yes your mother wont run away but your mother can die!! But ya la I understand where she was coming from and know exactly what happened to her, so it makes everything worse. InsyaAllah tuhan jauhkanlah perkara-perkara yang tak diingini.

Ok la nak tido ni. Gotta get up early to use the toilet ONE LAST TIME before bye bye toilet for two weeks.


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