It’s 5th day Ramadhan and the 3rd year we are together. Also the 3rd year Mr. I rajinnya teman and layan me go Geylang and brave the crowd hehehe it is always so hard to coordinate going out during Ramadhan cos firstly we dont wanna meet too often and secondly we stay so far away and cik abang always wants to send me back but almaklum kita takde transport hahaha. Level of coordination mesti tinggi beb when you are in a relationship like this!

Anws he was too sick today and I was having bad cramps so I took cab back. But on the bus while going to his place and away from Geylang, I saw the look of pure exhaustion on his face, and said, “In 2 years time, we don’t need to do this anymore okay.” :):)

Hehe when it sank in, he was like yaaa laaa muka penat or what, balik rumah still muka macam :roll::roll: lol and we both kept going, kalau ada anak kecik, jangan harap nak bawak, campak rumah mak kejap lol!! Seriously, the crowds smh…

But waaa it really is 1.5 more years to this. A few days ago, gaduh with cik Abang macam nak rak, but today, seeing him again, makes me feel so guilty I let my period temperament get a hold on me, and I honestly cannot imagine being with anyone else but him. Ya Allah panjangkanlah dan kekalkanlah jodoh aku dengannya and please grant me the patience to deal with myself, and please reward Mr. I for his undying love, loyalty and patience for me.

Its nice to think no matter what happens, there will always be that someone who will be there for you, and for that Alhamdulillah.


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