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Ramadan Promos

Quite a number of wedding vendors are doing promos this Ramadan. Time orang nak rest don’t want to do wedding prep, time tu yang korang promo banyak eh hahaha. Takpe, rezeki Ramadan insya Allah

For instance, my photographers (Flashed! Studio) are having a 20% off promo on their packages for couples who sign up this Ramadan. Feel like a bit, sayang haha that we signed up earlier. But okay lah not bad cos we also managed to get a good discount.

I also came across this kompang group that is offering $490 for full package kompang which I thought was pretty good since nowadays the price for kompang also not cheap. I showed Mr. I this, but apparently…. he doesn’t like the group hahahaha. Okay lor. Anyway, we also cannot yet decide if we want to have kompang or not. I feel like nak, but then macam, it’s something we can do without la. Not a necessity.

Then then!! Okay, this one I am very excited about hehe – bridal bouquet by The Happy Days! They are currently running a #twoisbetterthanone promo hehehe. They are giving two medium size bouquets of different concepts at a price well under $200, inclusive of delivery! Apa lagi, kebas saja lah. Hehehe.

For this promo, you get approx 24 stalks of flowers; arranged with one main flower, some other flowers and fillers and you can choose from three different concepts — rustic, lovey dovey and flower power. You want to know more, just pop them an email ok! I don’t explain flowers very well hahaha. Tbh, I cannot tell the difference, and I don’t really know what flowers or concepts to choose — which I told the lady behind The Happy Days, Orked. (Omg like I love her name.) She assured me that we can discuss that at a later date, and all she needs is my name and date to secure the booking. Very fuss-free for a tak kuasa sangat bride-to-be like me hahaha. And I also love how cost-savings it is in comparison with other bridal bouquet vendors (Like Woodleigh Park astaga, I know la fabric bouquet but astaga the price…) Anyways, alhamdulillah, another thing off the list 🙂

If you girls are still looking for bridal bouquets, check them out ya! I see they have been the main bridal bouquet provider for hybridal, (the MUA behind this bridal is Hafizah Yazed, who I took for my engagement), which was how I got to know of them and started following the Instagram account. I have really been loving the floral arrangements. Will blog about my experience working with them down the line as well.

Okay now on to updating my vendors list and tolong mak aku siapkan ifthor hahaha.


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