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Dulang Hantaran Ideas

The mid-year Great Singapore Sales have definitely started getting my attention, and my money in my bank, but really, it is serving as a great reminder to me that if I want to shop for my dulang hantaran gifts, I will probably have to do it this time next year!

Or this December, but that’s too soon, so next June to July it shall be.

Actually during the planning for our tunang ceremony, I was already thinking about what I would want for my dulang hantaran for the wedding and very unabashedly telling Mr. I about it because I tak tahu malu and maha direct.

Other than the duit hantaran/mas kahwin/ cincin kahwin dulang, I want specifically a dulang of these two things (tapi kalau ikutkan nafsu, nak satu luggage bag):

  • stationery
  • bath products

Yep. STATIONERYYY. I want all the beyootiful stationery in the worldddd. Fountain pens, colour pencils, brushes, watercolour paint (cos al maklum sekarang tengah nak start dabble in watercolour), paper products, notebooks, calendars, notepads, sticky pads, SEMUANYA LAH. #gilakuasa #tamak’un

Bath products tu biasa. Dah kahwin boleh pakai, tak payah beli. I want from LUSH because OMG THAT IS ONE THING I MISS. Since I downgraded my lifestyle and spending, I have been using bar soaps je yang Dettol hahaha asalkan bersih sudah. Except now I have the liquid soaps from my dulang from tunang, so now I smell like Cranberry la sikit-sikit. Hais, rindu benar.

No shoes, cos my feet are big and big shoes will be like too ugly for a dulang hantaran. Bags maybe I want Clare V or… can’t remember the name of this other brand. I don’t fancy the typical monogram logo all over bags. Then, like nice telekung and sejadah cos you can never have enough nice telekung and sejadah. Oh, oh, and maybe one persalinan baju that can wear during Raya, so maybe need to keep a lookout for the next year’s designer Raya collections, mana-mana yang berkenan di hati, should just get for the dulang.

Itulah update sejauh ini. I just saw my decor/catering vendor do one OH MY GOD SUPER LAWA JAW DROPPING LAWA GILA NAK MAMPS decor for a wedding recently and I jadi gila hahhaa. Even though the couple never pick a dais and opted instead for just a sweetheart table, but like mashallah sis. Mengucap sis. Istighfar sis.

Kthnxbye sis.



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