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Berkat Ideas

Btw, Berkat = Wedding Favours

My sister came back from her friend’s wedding yesterday and I heard my mom insist on seeing the berkat (or as she called it, “bunga telur”), like “Kau tak bawak balik bunga telur?” And my dumb sister goes “Mana ada bunga telur?” And my mom’s like “Diorang tak kasi kau apa-apa masa nak balik?” And my sister goes “Tak, diorang tak kasi bunga telur!” *smacks forehead* BUDAKKK.

Anyways, only this morning my sister showed my mom the “bunga telur”, and it was a really cute fork and spoon set. Like fork to eat fruits and cakes with daintily, and spoon to stir sugar in your tea type of fork and spoon set, not the makan mee goreng mamak type of fork and spoon set. (I think you guys geddit…)

So my mom was excitedly showing it off to me like, “Eh tengok ni, lawa kan, cantik eh kalau macam gini, cute pulak tu… Kau nak berkat macam mana?” MAJOR HINT DROPPING MAMA.

It was then and there that I decided, pretended I had no preference and told her, “Hmm, I have no idea…” (LIAR) “Actually, how about you make the decision for the berkat. If you want fork and spoon set, we try to find okay. I just follow what you say.” (ANAK BERTUAH)

Of course I didn’t say that in English la, mintak kene sepak. I said “Alah, takpe lah, kakak kasi Mama buat keputusan lah. Kalau tak mahal sangat, boleh lah kita kasi sudu garpu.”

Garpu eh, patut garfu. Nasib tak Garfield. Garfunkle ke.

Anyways, yeah I don’t really want a fork+spoon set, but since I am not exactly involving my parents in the decision making for anything else, I thought, let’s just be strategic here and let them (more like just my mother) decide on what the berkat should be.

If I had my way, I would want to give a customised pocket notebook and pen/pencil. But then, see above reason and I guess I won’t have any customised notebooks 😦 Takpe lah. Kita gembirakan hati mak kita, insya Allah, dengan berkat doa mak kita, Tuhan jaga kita, Amiin.

Then my mom got so very excited and wanted to go and try to find from Daiso or what lah, kept asking me to find on the net if we can buy in bulk. My mom has no chill. It has only been at least 4 hours since I let her decide the berkat, seriously. Between 1pm and 5pm, right after solat asar today, she went into the room and started talking about how to package it and if I already searched for it online. MAKKK AII. 

So she was talking about how to package it, and we can buy kertas and wrap with ribbon etc etc. Me being me, I was like, “Kertas? Kertas warna eh mama?” My mom’s like “Apa kertas warna?”

And I kept going “Nak kertas warna eh? Kertas warna?” as I reached for my phone and opened YouTube and typed in “Ader Kertas Warna” into the search bar and showed her the video.

“Kertas warna macam gini eh, Ma?”

My mom boleh layan tengok me watch this video. Then she went “Kau ni macam-macam lah! Aku cakap lain kau cakap lain!”

To which I answered: “Jeng jeng jeng, jeng jeng jeng jeng jeng jeng…”


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