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Life updates

A lot has happened.

We got a queue number from the recent SBF ballotting! It was well within the number of houses offered for Bukit Batok, but then…. our queue number very the far away 😦 Our HLE application is also approved alhamdulillah. I really, really, really, really want the house in that settlement like please Allah please, make this easier for us please. Everything has been hard for us and we have taken everything in our stride, pleaseee make this easy for us. Mr. I said that if tinggal belen-belen the house is in another settlement yang terceruk in the middle of nowhere and only high floors are available, we should forego this. I really really really hope it doesn’t come to that. I hope no one realises how good a space that settlement is (and from what I read online, people kept saying how far it is from everything, please continue to spread bad words about the place LOL)

Mr. I is on his third job in a span of 8 months HAHAHAHA. In his case, I am not calling it job-hopping, more like strategic movements. Even tho he works 6 days a week now, his pay is so much better now alhamdulillah. I keep motivating him to try for a job with more responsibilities and higher pay, not just for trying to save up money for the wedding and our marriage but so that he can be a bit more comfortable in spending more money for his mother. True what people say, a mother can take care of her 10 children, but 10 children will find it difficult to take care of 1 mother.

So I recently entered a competition and got selected as top 35 HAHAHAHA. So funny seriously. I only found out about it on the Monday of the deadline. So deadline’s Friday and I only started working on my entry that Monday, when the competition has been open since… two months ago?? LOL. As part of the competition, we have to attend 6 workshops leading up to the second deadline when we enter in our second entry, and it is from this 2nd entry that they will choose the top 8. Then from the top 8, the first prize will be $5000 and a plaque (tbh, who wants the plaque…), 2nd prize is $2000 and a plaque (again, plaque plague, potato tomato banana…), 3rd prize is $1000 and… you get the idea. Tbh I only entered for the prize hahahaha but we’ll see. I know I should be happy I got top 35 but, feels so funny tbh. I used to organise these type of workshops and competitions, and now I am actually participating in them and being referred to as “a writer”. LOL each time the workshop instructor kept saying “Anda sebagai penulis” I’m just like… yeaaa all you penulis do a lot of cool and rajin shit while I am sitting here falling asleep… oh, wait, are you referring to me also!? HAHAHAHA #jokes. Oh but I got to make friends and talk to a lot of people and I purposely chose to talk to all the kiddos hahaha they. are. so. cute. The youngest is a secondary 3 girl, she’s sooooo cute she thought I was still in poly HAHAHAHA of course I said thanks, saya awet muda HAHAHAHA #menyampahplz then there was this J1 boy from my alma mater and inside I am like SCREAMING like WHY ARE YOU SO CUTEEE he is so tembam and his eyes disappear when he smiles, and he smiles nonstop hahaha then there was this girl I used to work with in NLB and her dimples are so distracting hahahaha gawd, why am I perving on these kiddos hahahahha OK I better stop going more hahahha before you all report me. But okay, I have always wanted to write so… what better motivation than $$$$ roflmao

So that’s it guys. Some positive things that have happened despite all the negativity surrounding me. Like, if I had a mental illness, I would probably be a paranoid with all the consipiracy theories I have in mind about this one person these two people in my life who are just sad, sad bullies. Ugh. Long story for another day. But if my theory was right, and I am 99% sure it is, then it is just really tragic.

Hope all you BTBs are holding up okay. May God protect us all.


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