Too Early for Wedding Shoes?

Why do you do this to yourself? Ask rhetorical questions? You’re doing it again.

Browsing Zalora during lunch and chancing upon these shoes. Ordered from least likely to be worn to highly likely to be worn.

That is, if I bought my wedding shoes now. Which is totally crazy because I have MORE THAN 12 months to go, and shoes have a tendency to fall apart if you don’t wear them.

But it is also crazy to be hopeful that Zalora comes out with these designs again by the time next year looms around, because… we all know how shitty shoe designs can get.

And then there’s the question of WILL THERE BE MY SIZE. Cos tbh I can’t be bothered to get these things customised.

And I don’t want too high heels cos I don’t wanna tower over Mr. I.

The short block heels, or the kitten heels are my best bets. With ankle straps preferably. I have hobbit feet, cankles and I hate feeling pain in my feet. Plus these are cheap. ARGH decisions, decisions… I probably might not buy after all…

To anyone who needs wedding shoes in the much, much nearer future, go check out Zalora. This is not a sponsored post or anything although the previous top boss owas my friend in uni, and that guy is now at ShopBack. It’s just that I think Zalora is housing some great gems recently. ShopBack too. Both awesome stuff. Thanks J, for your brilliance and good work in feeding us online shopaholics. LOL I should thank him personally lah but, shoes.


This is going for $9.90


This is going for $39.90

This is going for $44.90


This is going for $44.90


This is going for $39.90


This is going for $14.90


This is going for $17.90


This is going for $29.90


This is going for $39.90


This is going for $19.90


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