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~my precioussss

So a stone fell out of my engagement ring. Like, it finally happened guys! What I had been so deathly afraid of happened 6 months after I started wearing ~the ring~ daily. Every night before putting it away, I will check for the stones to be intact. Every morning, when I get ready and put it on, I will check for the stones to be intact. After solat/wudhu’ I will check that the stone are intact. Until one day…

Worst day of my life so far tbh. Other than the start of today but that’s another story and in the end it’s all OK cos today was fun altho tiring. But as I said, another story.

Anywhos, we finally brought it to Meyson to ask if they can replace the stone and alhamdulillah there will be no charge for replacement, just for the craftsmanship. Like oh, thank God. If not, more $$$ will fly away. I will be collecting the ring again in TWO WEEK’S TIME! And then, I will promise to take even better care of it.

Anywho, the sales assistant who was helping us out was the same person who initially served us, and she kept chiding me for not bringing it in for servicing.

The thing is, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW NEED TO SERVICE? Hahahahah #jewelrynoob

So apparently, if you wear the ring on a daily basis, you need to bring it for servicing every 3 months. If I am not wrong, she said can bring to any Meyson outlet, but only the HQ at Lavender has the ability to check if the claws are too loose or whatever. There is no charge for servicing.

One thing is for sure; after this, I am not wearing that ring on a daily basis. Especially now I am wearing a (cheaper) Pandora ring instead, to fend off all the weirdos and the creepers. Fun fact, I brought the receipt and box in my Pandora bag, and the sales assistants were all like WHY YOU BRING PANDORA IN HERE. Sorry lah guys hahahaha 😛

I guess the hikmah is that, I lost one of the many stones on the ring rather than the whole actual ring itself? Still, for someone who NEVER loses her things, I will get very much shaken and upset. because my only experience of losing something, like my wallet in Sec 3, I never got it back 😦

So yep, there is a hikmah in everything insyaAllah.

4 thoughts on “~my precioussss

  1. I’m also wearing my engagement ring from Meyson daily and I didn’t know we need to send it for servicing?! Servicing tu actually buat ape eh? I’m planning to send it for polishing before my nikah, but i didn’t know they also have servicing service? Hahah

    1. Ya I have no idea what they do actually when they service it. But I think basically they check for the stones setting etc. I collected my ring yesterday – the person said can send to any outlet to wash/polish, but only the Lavender HQ does the servicing. Hope that helps! And send yours for servicing soon!

      1. Hahaha I actually sent my ring to Meyson for servicing after posting that comment. They cleaned the diamonds within half an hour. I could really see the difference cos its more sparkly! So ya, they said servicing is free and can be done every month if you like. The polishing of the gold, though, is $20+, cos they will remove the scratches and all. That one, I’m only planning to do it just before my nikah. Thanks for writing about that, babe. I wouldn’t know if I didn’t read it hahaha.

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