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too early for countdown?

Is it too early to countdown? Yes I am doing this to myself again, ask rhetorical questions. Aiyah, but it is 15 more months. Still a long way to go right.

I collected my engagement ring from Meyson yesterday. So thankful there was no charge for the replacement diamond HAHAHA. Anyway, I kinda really like the service they offer at Meyson. The people we have dealt with are very nice and accommodating. While waiting for someone to attend to us, Mr. I and I were walking around and checking out possible wedding rings. Then I saw some of the sapphire stone rings… so lawa omg and much cheaper than my engagement ring… why I never see earlier alamakk. I love blue and sapphire is my birth stone. Alaaaa but I thought I wanted a cheap wedding band now because, IF ONE STONE FALLING OUT IS NOT A SIGN, I DUNNO WHAT IS.

Drama seh aku.

I’ve been looking through the brochures too, and I like that they print the prices with the designs so it’s good for people who want to match expectations to budget. And the platinum rings are quite nice and affordable, thinking of maybe getting Mr. I’s wedding ring from there. He deserves something nice for all the things he has done for me hehe.

My mother has been asking very difficult questions. Just this morning she asked, have you thought what you are going to wear for your wedding. You want kebaya or what. Why you so cincai, if baju not nice how. LOL Motherrrrr.

I told her don’t worry because my mak andam, all her baju is nice. HAHAAHA I know what she is really worried about but I shall not voice it out here. But really, Ishq by Nora Zee. Baju all nice lah. I have no worries whatsoever. I probably will bring my mother along for the outfit selection and fitting, because she is and has always been my most trusted fashion expert advice person. Although yes, I can run the risk of her saying unsavoury, uncensored things but whatevs la, we have always bonded over clothes and nice fabric and fashion styling, even though she has disagreed with me so many times. I won’t take this away from her insya Allah.

Maybe I should’ve told her that. Then she won’t be nyek nyek nyek nonstop hahahaha. Bertuah betul dapat anak macam aku. Langsung dah tak kuasa dengan majlis sendiri.


3 thoughts on “too early for countdown?

    1. Kan! hahaha nanti ada je, perut kau boncit, bontot kau tonggek, punggung kau lebar all keluar hahahaha nanti start “aku dulu anak dara, tak macam korang sekarang… blah blah blah” HAHAHA but then, tu lah, mulut takde insurance tapi tetap diorang jugak yang dipercayai haha

      1. OMG SAME LA. Ade jeee they want to comment. But true that tho, they’re like our fashion adviser. Kadang kadang da besar ni still tanya kalau baju all match tak. Haha!

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