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So it is my birthday month, I am super stressed at work and somehow I just regress to shopping. Nonstop. There is always something to hunt for and find and realise hey, I think I need that. (No you really don’t.)

Anyways, my main concern right now is shopping for clothes. And my main excuse/s right now for this bout of shopping to update my wardrobe is are:

  • size/body has changed
  • fashion taste has changed
  • buying clothes this year because next year cannot buy new clothes because must be more frugal next year to save up properly
  • the clothes I buy now are also for me to wear after becoming a wife, i.e., more loose-fitting and less tight (although now also not that tight, just that my legs are very muscular)
  • the clothes I buy will last me for more than 5 years anyway (usually) even though I don’t particularly take good care of them, but I am still wearing clothes that I have worn since my last year in Uni.
  • I am changing my colour palette – used to be only blues, greys and blacks and odd smattering of cool-toned/ pastel clothes, but I only just realised in the past year that warm-toned clothing suits me better and energises me more. I still like blues and greys, but I want more warm browns and reds, and jewel tones in my wardrobe. Especially for tudungs, cos around the face, cool-toned/pastel colours tend to wash me out. I never realised this before!!
  • The items I buy are usually from Malaysia, so the craftsmanship is quite good, is affordable, and quality for money especially if you think about how hard it is to get Muslimah-friendly clothes in brick and mortar stores in Singapore.
  • This will probably be the last year I frivolously spend on clothes before I get married, become a wife, have kids, etc. when spending will no longer be on me *sobs*.

OK, dah. I convinced myself I shall pay for those items in my FV cart. HAHAHAHA.

Easily convinced seh this woman.


4 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. HAHA treat yourself since its your birthday, that’s one good enough reason already! And then….get yourself belated birthday presents too. More reasons to shop! Hahaah Happy birthday month!!!!

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