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No organisation to this post, just some random thoughts:

Mr. I was talking about possibly bringing the nikah date forward. I am not keen because got more planning and checking to do with our existing vendors. And if existing vendors cannot do it, we have to source for other vendors -.- It also means I have to clean my house earlier. ALAHHHHHHHHH

Just heard news of the passing of a schoolmate’s husband. đŸ˜¦ They were just married earlier this year, like tak sampai 6 bulan.. I honestly cannot cannot imagine being in her position. It’s just really, really saddening I have no words for this.

Hais. This month just started and all the #TragediOktober are streaming in. Mr. I’s atuk was recently hospitalised because, well, let’s not talk about it. So Mr. I was being all emo about how he really wants his atuk around to witness our nikah/sanding but he’s really worried about his atuk. One of the reasons why he wants to bring forward the nikah date.

Then a few days ago I was being all emo about other things which I would rather not talk about and you know lah, kalau pompan emo kan nangis-nangis, marah-marah. Orang tak bersalah semua kena. My mom “kemaskan” my room and totally tonggang terbalik everything on my desk also I cry macam orang kena dera. My mom’s usual reaction if I cry is “get over yourself” but this time, she was like all “Okay, sabar, sabar. Aku kemaskan balik…” Serious seh hahaha How To Know You Are STRESSED Hint #1

Also my emo-ness (example provided above) is another reason why Mr. I wants to bring forward the nikah date. LOL it’s true seh guys. When in the engagement period as you are prepping to get married, so many challenges sigh.

Our SBF flat choosing exercise is coming up this month. I am just really hoping that hopefully we get the estate that we want. Please, I am hoping and praying for God to let that be something easy for us for once.


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  1. I think I know who you’re talking abt! I know her too cos we met at the mendaki event aft psle and in nus.. very shocking when I found out. đŸ˜¦ InshaAllah dipermudahkan for her and may we all be given strength and patience! Anyways if cepatkan wedding also means less stress aft the wedding (planning wise and all) plus dah halal hehee

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