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Mr I and I are tired of attending weddings hahaha. From not having attended any weddings together, to attending 3 in a span of a month… shakes head. Still, we powered through 3 weddings on 3 different weekends in order to do “research”. Thoughts not in order:

venue is so important and such a hassle. since we are doing combined wedding, we just need to find some place that is not too inaccessible and is not excessively expensive. the only thing we are considering is really between a CC and a void deck. Both of them you do not book 1.5 years before the date. Unless you think you are really a bloody bigshot that everyone you talk to must listen to you because you teacher eh you know everything and people never turn you down because it’s hard for 10-year-olds to do that kan. LOL try talking in that tone to actual adults. You think other people want to layan your entitled ass meh.

every person has different priorities wrt to their wedding. I know some people can’t be bothered about the jemputan because they rather splurge on honeymoon or whatever else. Still, I don’t think you should “heck care” the jemputan sangat sampaikan the makanan sucks you don’t care, the kendarat is rude you don’t care? then the food is non-existent you don’t care… sighh

don’t have too many live stations. And request for more tables and chairs than you think you need, even if you have to pay for them. And make sure the kipas you have, you plug it in and you bloody turn it on. Again, some people may not really care about this, but I would want people who attend the wedding to not be uncomfortable, at the very least.

i don’t think we are bringing forward the date. sighing a huge sigh of relief because I honestly tak excited langsung nak re-think and re-plan everything again.

maybe, deep down, i am not excited about planning anything anymore because i don’t want people with entitled ass behavior to suddenly come in and break everything apart with banyak bagus punya plan, then let some rando weirdo old foggie come and insult me, my family and Mr.I.


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