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Almost 12 months more

Alah, why does time pass by so fast. Orang tak puas nak slack off ni…

Next month starts our 12-month countdown. Was telling this to Mr. I. I don’t think we both sound very excited. Because it means that we have to seriously, seriously work on working things out for the wedding and more importantly, life after the wedding.

Next month we are also choosing our flat insya Allah. I have been too busy to rape the HDB website, until last week when Mr. I sent me a link to the new HDB BTO exercise. Then I finally logged in and played around clicking on all the links. The HDB website is a fcking labyrinth, I tell you. Everything is all over the place, and even if you save the link somewhere, good luck to you if that link still works after a few weeks. Anyway, I was quite upset to find that only a couple of units are open to us in the estate that we want. Like, literally. Only a couple of units left. But when I didn’t log into SingPass, I could see more units. So I dunno whaddaheck is up with that seriously. So my plan is to just login and monitor the queue number, the number of flats still available and if the units in the estate we want will still be there when we go to HDB to choose. I seriously hope so though. Please doa for us. I dah tak cerewet, tak kisah and pasrah with the units left. I just want that estate je sudah. But I guess, we will know for sure on the day itself.

I thought nak update about other things, but I am still at work and freaking pissed about work so I should just leave now. Ta-ta.


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