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Black Friday

Sambil menyelam, minum air; lepas tu, tangkap ikan sekali. I need to “bayar balik” time datang lambat, plus am raping the HDB website now plus nak update siket.

So Black Friday happened last week. I think I never think things through properly. We should have set the date in mid or end December, so got time to borong barang hantaran on Black Friday next year. Well, the next best thing was to buy some things for next year, on this year’s Black Friday!

I only targeted three merchants: Sephora, ASOS and Robinson’s. Niat dalam hati wanted to visit the physical Sephora store, but alamak alakak, the queue on the day itself is mintak ampun please. So my colleague and I rounding-rounding at Robinson’s instead, where I bought a pair of “dressy” shoes (dressy lah sangat) and more underwear. Then when I got home, I immediately went on Sephora to get some skincare items, then to ASOS for more underwear and shoes. Then when Mr.I came over, he browsed around on Zalora for shoes. Then I tompang 1 dress hoho.

THEN, on SUNDAY, I bawak my mom go sopping sopping and bought her an early birthday present (shoes), then actually wanted to browse for blenders and kitchen stuff, but we drifted to the bedding area and I dropped $300 freaking dollars for 2 sets of bed sheets. One set was originally $500 (mahal gila babi sak), and the other was originally $200. Mak aii, not like as if I am planning to spend a lot of time sleeping also… But OK lah, they were really nice, felt really nice, colour very nice, especially the one that is more for “special occasions” which I will use during the duration of my majlis next year lah. Colour macam tawny champagne gittew. Lawa gittew.

Oh, haha I was searching online for cheap bed frames and found some for under $100 LOL, bayangkan bed sheet lagi mahal dari bed frame. Ala, anyway it’s just temporary la so beli murah-murah je. Bed sheet yang akan digunakan untuk jangka masa yang lebih panjang. Takkan ku beli lagi bed sheet tu. Alah membeli, menang memakai. Gittew. (Lagi sikit aku nak taip memaki lol — alah membeli, menang memaki lah sangat.)

OK from December 2016 onwards, cannot sopping sopping anymore. Sobbing boleh lah. $2000 bye bye next month, insya Allah.

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