rumah oh rumah

Nervous gila, a few more days to choose our flat. This whole week in between rushing my projects, I’ve been obsessively logging onto the HDB website, once when I come into office, once before lunch, once after lunch, once at 3pm and once before I leave the office for the day. LOL all my friends who I told about this said “Don’t worry so much… (pause) although I was very, very worried before my appointment… (looks at my worried face) but don’t worry so much.” Thanks friends, you guys very helpful eh.

I think we will visit the site tomorrow and just… work with whatever we have lah eh. At least rumah yang dipilih berdekatan dengan roadside sebab the estates are soo the freaking ulu. Because if not, then we need to consider resale already. Then if need to consider resale, do that after the wedding lah.

Takpela, duduk situ pun at least 5 years je. That’s what you tell yourself, then before you know it, dah duduk 20 tahun… Like my parents. We literally moved from, for eg, block 601 to block 604 that kind. Like literally across the road in the same neighbourhood. And the block pun my mom yang found the flat! From reading the newspaper!! That time engage property agent pun tak guna. That lady never do anything, she never pick us up and drive us anywhere, she found us flats in some far flung corners of Bukit Batok, like literally tak guna. I told my mom she should be a property agent. Or some kind of an agent to connect people to things they want, she’s quite good at these things. Then she can get the commission instead. Agents nowadays cannot slack like that anymore huh, thanks to the Internet.

Ahh well. As long as I don’t stay in Punggol or Sengkang sudah.


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