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few more days

Just a couple more days till the end of this anxiety-wrought HDB website-raping routine. Alhamdulillah the units we want are still available (slim pickings, but still alhamdulillah). I am also collecting my passport on the same day, harap-harap tak clash lah the timing but if I don’t arrange it like that, then my leave will not be maximised. Also, I am getting slightly pissed off by the liaison person from our catering/decor company… Pakkal bukan aku yang liaise with her, if not… (I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I SAY HAHA #biasa #taktausabarpunyaorang #perangai) Sabar je lah, maybe we will see them on the same day too, who knows. Penat aku. Nanti MC je nonstop this December LOL. Dah tinggal 2 days of MC je hahahahais. Penatz.


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